Who We Are

A young team backed by almost ten years of experience in the digital world.

HowtoIncreaseDomainAuthority.com was created by Kamran Sharief and Azam Hussain Khan in 2021, initially offering domain authority services exclusively.

Kamran and Azam have started their career in the digital world in 2010 and has worked on different job roles for reputed MNCs.

Md Kamran Sharief has more than ten years of experience in the Digital world. His recent experience has helped an MNC to achieve Domain Authority (DA) 70+. He has worked on overall digital platforms, which includes SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Marketing, Online Advertisement, and more.

HowtoIncreaseDomainAuthority.com focuses on its activity and offers domain authority services, especially to small and medium-sized companies.

Our Mission:

Make a variety of strategies to increase domain authority which differs from the client by client. With HowtoIncreaseDomainAuthority.com, any company can increase their website Domain Authority to 50, 60, and 70.

Our Strengths:

Creative, self-taught, multidisciplinary, efficient, and with an absolute commitment to our clients. At HowtoIncreaseDomainAuthority.com, we can all do a little of everything, even if we specialize in our own tasks.

We provide services to companies of any kind, but our experience adds a competitive advantage if your company is related to SEO services.

External Equipment:

HowtoIncreaseDomainAuthority.com is a fully scalable company capable of providing a large number of different types of services, easily adapting to a greater or lesser workload to meet the specific needs of each client. This is only possible because we combine all the skills of our team with a small army of freelancers in different parts of the world.

With this, our clients can have all the services they need, when and how they need them, without the need to directly hire different companies to do each job. HowtoIncreaseDomainAuthority.com is in charge of managing multidisciplinary projects with the help of skilled team members. We take care of obtaining the necessary means and advising them at all times.