Acquisition Marketing

Acquisition Marketing

Acquisition Marketing

Acquisition marketing is a process where you can promote a business’s products or services that target a new audience and aim to get new customers. So, it is considered a critical part of every e-commerce company’s marketing.

Acquisition marketing, more specifically, works on faces of interest or consideration in the conversion funnel. So, the main focus of acquisition marketing is not brand awareness. It’s about creating strategies to target customers researching to make a purchase.

How do you think you could improve your customer acquisition strategy?

Know your Target Audience

The acquisition cost of customers is constantly increasing, and in this process, you need to target the right people to save time and resources. So, could you clearly define your target audience before deciding the budget for the customer acquisition?

You can have different personas and a customer acquisition strategy if you target more than one group. This way, based on that, you can personalize your content, ads, and emails.

Diversify the Marketing Channel and Techniques

Brands that use acquisition marketing. Have more chances to succeed. Acquisition marketing will help you reach more audiences, attract more leads, and gain more insights.

This process will consider the modern consumer journey that will take place across various channels and platforms. So, it is a great way to create a great customer experience wherever possible and use a brand voice across different platforms.

Leverage Partnership for Acquisition Marketing

As a brand, you must get help from 3rd parties as part of acquisition marketing. In this process, you can partner with influencers on social media and do it with your customers 2 to build their interest in your product and attract a new audience.

You can also have different programs to encourage customers to recommend your products to others. This will have a significant impact on your business. You can also use other strategies, such as affiliate programs, to bulk up the marketing and get new customers.

Showcasing Customer Stories

Since people tend to trust other people and what they say more than trusting companies, this could be an excellent opportunity to grab and take advantage by featuring real customer stories, Reviews, and testimonials across your website. This will allow your customers to talk about your products for you, and you should refrain from presenting prospects with a sales pitch in the sales funnel.

Monitoring KPIs Constantly

It is essential to monitor metrics constantly, such as Cost per acquisition, customer acquisition, and return on added Cost. You can keep a specific target for the results and see if you are reaching the target. So, if you don’t get the desired results, you can change your strategies to get better results.

Importance of Acquisition Marketing

This marketing is essential for all types of businesses, no matter what the size is, and it makes a vast difference in your business results:

It will help in Attracting and converting new audiences into customers.

It will help businesses make money to meet the Cost of their investments, pay their employees, and get profits.

It will also show the evidence of traction for other parties, such as partners, influencers, and investors.

Acquisition Marketing Channels

• Organic and paid social media
• Organic and Paid Search
• Events
• Email

Organic or Paid Social media:

Social media marketing also consists of 2 types:

Organic and paid. Organic social media consists of valuable methods like developing a company face, building brand awareness, and sharing content that he has published on your website. Then, you promote it on social media platforms.

Paid social media marketing is a process where you pay influencers or advertisement companies to display your ad on social media. This process is called sponsored posting on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Organic and Paid Search for Acquisition Marketing:

Organic search results refer to a search engine result page search as Google search results. Organic search marketing is an effort you make without paying to get your website ranked at the top of the search results. You need to invest your resources and time in SEO to get great results in organic search.

When discussing paid search results, it is considered PPC or Pay-per-click. An example is Google Ads, which will help you display your ads on different websites.


Events refer to webinars and conferences; this is a great way to reach a larger audience. Nowadays, it is easy to plan conference events online, and you can post this invite on social media.


Email marketing may seem outdated, but it is the most effective way to stay near your customers promote your products or services, and other things like discounts and events. It is a simple and easy way to stay connected with your audience. You can also email them their happy birthday or offer coupons to motivate them to purchase from you.


Acquisition marketing is an excellent strategy once you have figured out your customers and grab their attention. Since it’s an ongoing process, you will always need more time to optimize your acquisition tactics, and your customers will help you make the most of each acquisition strategy.

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