What is Anchor Text?

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Anchor Text

What is Anchor Text?


Anchor text is the hyperlink. Again, SEO wants this link to be relevant to the page you are linking to rather than generic text. It is a clickable blue text. It is designed to stand out.

So it should often be in a different colour, usually blue colour. It indicates to users what kind of page it will open when they click on it. So basically, you link to text which looks natural to the reader.

Why Is Anchor Text Important to SEO?

Links are essential to rank on SEO. Links make a clear structure to search engines. It gives it more context.

If your link text matches your key phrase, google cannot tell if it is relevant to the topic. That is why anchor text is the ranking factor. It clarifies the link’s value and tells users where it leads.

Google uses anchor text to help understand which you are about to click and also for which keyword it should be ranked.

Different Types of Links

Anchor text is relevant to your internal links and external links. You can site the external links in different ways:

  • You can include the site URL without having the link on the key phrase.
  • The exact keyword or focus keyword as anchor text.
  • You can consist of the whole site like this xyz.com.
  • Links that are similar to any keyword in the content.

How to Improve Anchor Text?

Add a link so that it should look natural with the rest of the text. Don’t try to crowd the link into the text if it does not fit. It does not belong there. Likewise, don’t change the sentence to include the link in the sentence. And you can put it somewhere else. Or else it will be difficult for the user to read it. It will make the whole text unnatural and difficult to read.

Ensure you underline or colour the text to make it clear to the user what makes it an anchor text.

Don’t try to fool your reader. The text you add a link to should be relevant to the link you add. Let us see an example of it. If the text is “Eat Right, ” you add the link “Bike dealers.” Now that’s what I was talking about.

Few Points to Consider while you Write the Anchor Text

It has been on the internet for a while now, but most site owners do not know how to tackle it. So let us how to use use them properly.

Anchor text in the internal or the incoming link can increase the chances of high ranking in the search engine.

Good anchor text in the external link, backlinks, or outbound links can also increase the chances of ranking in the search engine.

Avoid generic words like “Click here” or “read this also.” It will make users lose interest, and the search engine will have difficulty recognizing it.

Don’t add the link if the text is not related to the text. It will make the reader lose interest in the content, and also, again, search engines will not rank the content quickly

Write short anchor text. If you create a long anchor text, this will make an issue with the search engine while ranking the page on google.

How does a Search Engine help to rank using Anchor Text?

The Google algorithm is a significant task when you have an online business. You have to be optimal and innovative when creating content online. Let us see how to use anchor text and links to satisfy the google algorithm. What does it have to do with the links? And how these two are related.

Link is the incoming call for the search engine to rank on google. The internal link is basically from the same domain. So, according to the google algorithm, it is considered a “vote of trust” this will increase the chances of ranking on google.

And apart from this, other content that ranks quickly is the content with backlinks. So a link from other websites will help you rank easily. This process of promoting your website is called off-page SEO. And now, the anchor link increases the value of these links. It gives a significant clue to the search engine.

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