Can We Use Dash in the Domain Name?

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Can We Use Dash in the Domain Name?

Can We Use Dash in the Domain Name? The most common question arises when setting up a domain name. Now that depends on different factors whether you need to include the dash or not. When writing in ordinary language, there are different ways to separate words like commas, full stops, dash, apostrophes, and more. But for the domain, there is only one option.

The dash is also known as a hyphen. This is the only distinction that is allowed in the domain name. The only option you have when you are registering for the domain, and it has two names. And mixing up them together does not look good. But there are certain guidelines you need to keep in mind when you include the dash. Let us have a depth look.

Factors to Consider When Including Dash in the Domain Name?

One of the major factors is the availability of the domain. When we talk about domains without dashes, they are more demanding and popular when compared to domains with dashes. It will be hard to find them; the prices may become very high if they are registered. So when you include the dash in your domain, you will easily find one for your website.

When a dash separates the name, it will be clearer, and people will easily remember your website. Dahes enhances the readability of the domain name. Dash is necessary to make it look professional, especially when multiple words are in the domain. If you want people to understand your domain name, you need a proper separation.

Next is SEO; when we talk about SEO, they normally consider dashes as word separators, but in some cases, they may consider domains with dashes as unauthorized and spammy. Apart from this, the domains without dashes positively impact SEO efforts by including anchor texts and also sharing through social media.

It is about maintaining consistency. When discussing branding, if the dashes line up with your brand strategies, maintain them because it is the essential part of your brand. Your brand name will be clear, and people can easily find your website. If you don’t include a dash, then it can create confusion.


However, deciding to include a dash in your domain name should consider your branding, readability, memorability, domain availability, and SEO goals. It’s recommended to carefully weigh these factors and potentially seek the advice of a branding expert or digital marketing professional to make an informed decision.

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