Content Strategy Template

Content Strategy Template

Content Strategy Template


Content strategy template to bring mastery to content production and delivery. The template helps teams streamline content strategy, display, and channels, creating a more significant impact and enabling teams to collaborate better.

This template is a map of your content strategy, where you have all the information about your content in a shared space, from ideation to distribution. The template is organized into three frameworks:

  • Pillars and content strategy
  • Channel purpose
  • Content process

Use these frameworks to tailor your content plan template, coordinate creative teams, and manage marketing campaigns. It’s also great for aligning content with business goals, streamlining production, and expanding content distribution.

How to use the Content Strategy?

Select the content strategy template and add it to your board. This template is divided into three frameworks, in which you can map out different aspects of your content strategy. Three frameworks will help you in the organization of the content.

Pillars and content strategy
In this framework, add your crucial content pillars, the purpose of your content, and why you chose this approach. Next, establish the hierarchy of content and critical priorities.

Purpose of channels
Define the channels you will use to distribute your content. Align with marketing and product managers to better view their marketing campaigns and launches and plan your content accordingly.

Content process
Aggregate your workflow from ideation to production, and make sure your content process aligns with and supports your content strategy. If necessary, tag team members at each stage of this process, even adding a RACI template to clarify roles and responsibilities.

Benefits of Content Strategy Template

Many teams can benefit from the template, including marketing, brand, and product, but remember that different groups may use this template differently. For example, copywriting people will build their content marketing strategy using this tool, while product marketers could adopt this framework to develop the website.

If you work with content independently of your team, here are some benefits of using this template:

  • Better plan your content tactics. Define your content pillars, hierarchy, channels, and purpose.
  • Present your content plan cohesively and impressively.
  • Streamline processes and better plan production with your content strategy.
  • Structure content production and better understand processes and speed of work.
  • Once got an idea of your content pillars, channels, and content plan, it’s easier to put everything into production and align creative teams.
  • Obtain approval from high-level stakeholders. The content template visually shows how your content plan will impact the organization.

Use of Content Strategy Template

A content template will help you cover your bases when discussing content marketing. If you create your strategy without a template, you might forget essential elements, like selecting content operations software or relying on Jobs to Be Done to help you ideate topics.

So many elements go into developing a fantastic content marketing strategy. A template makes sure that you don’t forget any of them.

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