What is Cornerstone Content?

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Cornerstone Content

What is Cornerstone Content?

Cornerstone content is core to your website. It contains the best and the most visited articles on your website, the pages that rank highest in the search engines. Cornerstone content is usually long and informative content that combines insights from different blog posts and covers everything together in one topic.

Cornerstone content’s primary focus is gathering the best and complete information in one place instead of selling products. In addition, it wants to perfectly reflect your business or communicate your mission to the public. Cornerstone can be a page or a blog post. But whatever it is should be perfectly written, updated constantly and use the targeted keywords in cornerstone content and also ensure it ranked at the top in the search results.

How to have a Great Approach to Cornerstone Content?

Before you start writing cornerstone content, you must first do proper keyword research. So when you get good keywords, you can write long, informative and excellent cornerstone content. But you have already written the content and don’t have much time to focus on writing extended content. So here are a few steps to help you write good cornerstone content.

Decide your Keywords
It would be best if you first decided on keywords you will use to rank at the top of search results. Then, your cornerstone content should be created for the most competitive keywords. So you need to ensure that the keyword research is done correctly.

Choose the Best Post
Go through all your website posts that have essential keywords. Then, select the best ones from all. Those posts will be your cornerstone posts. And you can combine the one with similar content and make one meaningful and informative content.

Rewrite them
Rewrite your cornerstone articles. Make sure you make them SEO-friendly and attractive. As cornerstone articles are lengthy, you need to ensure good readability. Keep track of headings. It would help if you kept as many headlines as possible since it is a long article. And also, it is like the cherry on the cake if you keep the content table at the beginning of the article.

Links Links Links!
As we have written the Cornerstone article, you must link the content since you must tell google that this cornerstone article is the most important on the website.

Importance of Cornerstone Articles to SEO

Cornerstone articles play a significant role in SEO. We know it is hard to rank trendy keywords, but a cornerstone can help you tackle this issue. It would help if you told google that this cornerstone page is one of the most crucial. Suppose you don’t work correctly for this step. Then you are losing your chance. Try to give correct internal links in between your posts so in this way you are informing Google that this particular page is critical.

Which Articles can You Select from Your Website?

Select your cornerstone content carefully. For example, select the four or five web pages you would like people to read when they first visit your website. These pages you keep as your cornerstone articles. See which articles are crucial for you. Which articles are most informative and authoritative? And also, do these articles have the most targeted keywords you want to rank for?

And you cannot consider your website homepage a cornerstone because what a cornerstone can do with a content homepage cannot. So there is a difference. You should always ensure that the cornerstone information should be in-depth, targeting a specific topic. Try to have a cornerstone article for each category; you can do this, especially if you have a large website. For small websites, one or two cornerstone articles are enough.

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