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Directory Submission

Directory Submission


Directory submission is the off-site SEO optimization step that involves submitting your website to a specific web directory category. Suppose, for example, you have an Exercise and fitness website under the health category of a web directory. Different types of variety charge different amounts to fit into relevant categories, but some are free.

Every directory has guidelines essential for you to follow to submit your site. You get plenty of benefits if you fit your website into popular directories.

Fast Indexing: Having a website in the popular directory will help you find search engine find and index your website.

Higher Page Rank: Quality directories are used to submit in google algorithm to calculate google page rank.

Higher Link Popularity: Unique directory listing link and contextual link category
Social Media Sharing: All the popular directories have social media sharing options. It will allow you to share links with other users.

More Traffic: Massive traffic is directed to your website with the help of popular directories.

Brand Awareness: Since you get more exposure, your brand awareness increases.

Method of Directory Submission

  • The first step is to choose a good directory submitting site.
  • Choose one related to your business or niche from different sites.
  • Then select the most appropriate category from your posts that relate most to your posts.
  • Click on the selected category.
  • Choose the relevant sub-category and choose to submit the link of your content.
  • You can also click on the add article section.

Kinds of Directory Submission

Free Web Listing: Obviously, the name says it all. You don’t have to pay for this directory submission. But this has no guarantee that the administrator will approve your site. If it gets approved, that will happen after a very long time.

Paid or Featured Web Listing: The directory owner charges for submission, and the approval is done within 24 hours. Moreover, some website offers yearly or lifetime packages for directory submission.

Reciprocal Regular Web Listing: When you submit the website, you must also submit the reciprocal link.

Advantages of Directories Submission

Increase Google Ranking through the Directory Submission
Having backlinks on directory submission websites increases your website’s domain authority and page authority. And with the help of domain and page authority, your content ranks on google.

More Clients from Directory 
Many users like to take a look at the websites that are linked with the directory submission website. If they find your website attractive, they will stay.

Rapidly Index your Website
Your website is indexed faster than usual if it is linked to a directory submission website more quickly than your main URL. In addition, since you are connected to the directory, it enhances your overall website structure. Therefore, make it look more professional.

Help in Quality Link Building
All the websites that have high-quality links on the internet are definitely linked to the directory. And also since it also optimizes off the page of the website.

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