Focus Keywords

Focus Keywords

Focus Keywords

The focus keywords are the keywords or phrases used to rank the page or post the most. These are the most searched keywords by the user in the search results. In wordpress, you can add a focus keyword on the top sidebar on the right of the meta box with SEO written on the top. Click on it to find the empty field to write your focus keyword.

So the search engine knows for what keyword the page or content is needed to rank. Certain rules exist for a focus keyword, like the number of keywords used in the entire content. This will also affect the ranking of the page. Apart from this, the keyword should be in the title tag, at the begging of the content, and in the meta description.

Why You Need to Use a Focus Keyword?

When you add good quality and fresh content to your website, the search engines constantly know that your website is authorized and post new information for the users. Well, this is a good SEO strategy to keep your website at the top of search results.

But without providing a subject to the content and randomly adding it does not make it a good SEO strategy. It would help if you also worked on keyword strategy before you worked on content strategy since both go hand in hand. Select a focus keyword, then write high-quality content for your audience. Aiming the content for these keywords can optimize your articles.

How to Choose Right Focus Keywords?

You need to follow certain methods to get good focus keywords related to your business or niche that will optimize your content or article:

Look out for focus keywords in your niche that people look for most in the search results. This will be your first step. For the beginning, make a proper keyword strategy if you haven’t yet. We have discussed this strategy in our previous articles that will help you the most: long tail keywords.

The next step will look for the search volume of keywords you use in your articles. See how many searches are made for the keywords you are using. It may require more effort, but it will be worth it. What you can do is see how many times the keyword is searched and also see if the word is still trendy or not.

Check some of the posts of the focus keywords you are using. Especially the ones that are at the top of the search results. This will help you to write the content in a better way. Revive these strategies and work on your content. Apart from going through your older content, in which you have used focus keywords and checked the traffic, this will give a brief idea about how much traffic you can attract to your new posts.

Benefits of Focus Keywords

Focus keywords will benefit your website and its search engine results. Let us look at some of the benefits of focus keywords:

Search engines require clear communication to understand and rank a website. This clear communication and understanding of content given to search engine is by focus keywords. You will tell the search engine the main topic of the article or blog. This will help the search to index the page correctly.

When the content is indexed correctly, it will also improve the ranking of your page. The focus keywords with relevant content are like a cherry on the cake, and they will appear higher in SERP. This will eventually drive more and more organic traffic to your website.

Focus keywords also enhance the visibility and CTR of your website. Since search engines understand what topics you are creating content on, they will probably rank your website on the top, leading to more people visiting your website and higher click-through rates.

This will also help in targeting specific audiences. Since you are using certain focus keywords, the people interested in those topics or looking for solutions will search for those keywords, click on your page, and read the content. This is also the reason why you need to content relevant.


It would be best if you kept in mind that focus keywords are crucial, and it is also important to use high-quality keywords to maintain your website’s relevancy and authorization and create valuable content that meets the needs of your targeted audience.

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