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Free SEO Tools Premium

Free SEO Tools Premium


Free SEO tools premium means we will mention some of the SEO tools that work as premium ones, but they are freely available. So without wasting any time, let us dive into it. Hopefully, you can use them in future.

Answer the Public

The name says it all. This is one of the content writer’s favourite tools. Why? Answer the public SEO tool is different from other tools. It finds answers to questions people look for on social media, blogs or articles.

It will also turn your questions into valuable keywords that you can use for your blogs or articles. So next time you use Google to search keywords, you can answer the public, giving more information than needed. Try it yourself. Let us move to the following tool.

Seed Keywords – Free SEO Tools Premium

Need to find competitive keywords. Here is your answer, seed keywords. It will help you find competitive keywords. Just enter your keyword into the tool, and it will generate related terms that are not common.

Ask your customers how they search for you online. Then type the keywords into the tool search query that people gave you. This will help you scan search results and determine how competitive they are.

Exploding Topics

Keywords are getting more competitive every day. So find them before they get competitive. This tool will help you find out the keywords that just went trending. So you can use those keywords before they become familiar or it does not have any value left.

Keyword Surfer

This Free SEO Tools will provide you with the CPC data and search volume within SERP. So you can install this free chrome extension and see the search volumes and CPC file. You will also get suggestions for keywords that are related to your query.

Website Authority Checker – Free SEO Tools 

It checks the authority of the website based on the backlink profile—this tool rating range from zero to a hundred. The higher the number, the stronger the authority of the website. There are no limitations in the tool.

You must enter your website URL in the tool and check your website authority rate. If the number is high, then probably your website is at the top of google’s ranking.

Whitesparks’s Google Review Link Generator

Whatever work you do, customer reviews are essential. Especially in local SEO marketing, you need your customers’ reviews to know how smoothly your business is running.

Whitespark’s google review will create a shareable link for your customers to help them share their reviews with you easily and quickly.

Animalz Revive – Free SEO Tools 

We need this! We need this tool. Animalz revives tool will help you find old content on your website and update it. Or even upgrade. It is a magical tool. Before this, finding pages on the google analytics tool was a pain. Fortunately, we have animalz revive.

It also has a feature called “Traffic Loss Since Peak” It will let you know precisely how many visitors the outdated content is costing you.

Woorank’s SEO and Website Analysis Tool

This tool will provide you with a list of SEO improvements to your website within seconds. Before that, you will get a comprehensive report of the SEO score. Then the tool will show you exactly what improvements are needed for both on and off-page SEO.

Another feature it has is called “Marketing Checklist.” Since many tools will show you the problems but no solution, Woorank’s SEO will provide you with a checklist of solutions you can use for your website issues to solve.

Can I Rank – Free SEO Tools 


Can I rank a tool that won’t tell whether the keyword is difficult? Instead, it will directly tell you whether you can rank the particular keyword. Pretty cool, right?
It is used to size up the first-page competition and give you opinions that can help you rank for a particular keyword

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