Google Algorithms

Google Algorithms

Google Algorithms


Google Algorithms: Over the last few years, search engines have improved their algorithms to give users the best possible results. Now Google is the leading search engine of all. So they have introduced many algorithms, each with different best effects on SEO. In this article, we will talk about further updates done by google in the past few years. And also the implications of them on SEO and search.

Panda Google Algorithms

The Panda update was launched in the year 2011. This was the most significant update Google made in the Modern SEO era. This update tried dealing with websites created to rank in the search engines. However, its primary focus was on-page SEO factors. Basically, it determines whether a particular webpage has genuine information or not.

The Panda algorithm hit two Types of Websites:

  • Websites with fragile content.
  • Websites that mainly exist to link to other websites.

Significant changes in the panda algorithm were made in 2016, which affected many websites. Unfortunately, the update was utterly removing the websites with low-quality content. It permanently affected how we do SEO.

Penguin Google Algorithms

This penguin update looked at the links websites get from other websites (Backlinks). So it majorly checks whether the backlinks you get are genuine or they are tricking the search engine. The primary issue that occurred was people were buying the backlinks. So now google has to do something about this.

This google penguin algorithm does not encourage buying or selling backlinks or creating artificial links. The core changes were made in the penguin algorithm in 2016. It mostly attacked websites that have unnatural links. It completely removed the websites with low-quality links. Google is no longer encouraging low-quality, low effect or paid links. You need to work for high-quality links and build successful link strategies to get relevant links from authentic websites.


This is one of my favorite updates of all. Google finally laid down the update of voice search. This update was launched in the year 2013. This is increasingly essential since every device has voice control, from mobiles to speakers, home control, ALEXA, etc. Hummingbird pays attention to every word a user says and ensures that every phrase is taken into account rather than a single word.

Now you may be thinking about what effect it has on SEO. Well, it does not directly has any impact, but it imposed that SEO copy should be clear, readable, contain natural language and not be optimized with the exact words. You can use synonyms instead.


HTTPS was launched to underline the importance of security. So google decided to launch this algorithm just for the sake of safety. It makes connections between the website and the user secure. At the time HTTPS was introduced, it was a lightweight ranking signal. But now google has made it very clear that they are earnest about encryption

RankBrain Google Algorithms

RankBrain was introduced to handle queries as a machine learning. It is the state-of-the-art google algorithm. Why? It can make guesses of the words they don’t know, so they find similar words and show the relevant results to the users. RankBrain can also analyze past searches and determine the best results to improve.

In March 2016, google made it clear that RankBrain is one of the three most important ranking signals. Other ranking factors you cannot optimize for rankbrain in the old-style sense other than writing good quality content.

Possum Google Algorithms

Possum google algorithms is a local update. It applies several changes to Google’s local ranking filters to improve local search. After this update, local results became more wide-ranging, that depends more on the physical location of the searcher.

The best part about this update is people who don’t do well in organic search can easily rank locally after this update. This also concluded that the possum update made local searches more independent of organic searches.

Helpful Content

The helpful content update brought more focus to the quality of content that appears in search results. This update rewards quality content and adequately answers users’ queries, eventually giving the best user experience.

The previous impact on search results was subtle, but now google made it clear that this should not be the case anymore. The helpful content update shows ongoing effort to tidy up SERPs. It removes all the low-quality content to make more space for people who can provide users with a great experience.

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