What is Google Penguin?

What is Google Penguin?

What is Google Penguin?


Google Penguin is the google algorithm update. Google introduced it ten years back in 2012 to stop manipulation with link building on the internet. The algorithm has had many updates over the past ten years, but it is the real-time part of the core google algorithm.

Google ignores poor-quality links online but alerts when it detects unnatural patterns. For example, unnatural outbound links, link schemes, and Private blog networks. It means a webspam algorithm update. There is no update about where the name is from.

Why is there a Need for Google Penguin?

Before the penguin update, there was Google panda for low-quality content, but even after that, there was still spam and unnatural content on the internet. So for that, google launched this algorithm, so there should not be any manipulations on the internet.

So for a better understanding of the process by which web owners were working on their websites, penguin worked towards ensuring the relevancy, authority and natural links and rewarded them and downgraded manipulative and unnatural links. Penguin only looks for incoming connections and does not deal with outgoing links.

Launch of Google Penguin

When Google launched penguin in April 2012, google showed the estimation that it affected more than 3% of search results. Penguin basically targets two manipulations on the internet. Link schemes and keyword stuffing.

Link scheme means manipulative link building, such as paying for links, exchanging links and other unnatural link practices outlined in google scheme documentation.

Google penguin also took action against keyword stuffing, which is also associated with the google panda algorithm.

Google Penguin Impacts

Since it was launched, many website owners and admins who manipulated their websites with keyword stuffing and link-building techniques or even filled their pages with low-quality and manipulative backlinks began to see a drastic change in their ranking and organic traffic. It decreases eventually.

Not only sites but penguin also affected keywords which were over-optimized and spammed keywords. This also affected key products and brands.

The impact also happened on domains. How? Changing domains or even redirecting old into new can also create a massive problem in the long run. And also, research shows that even 301 redirect and 302 redirect won’t remove the effect of penguin. Using meta refresh from one domain to another domain can also cause complications.

A Goal from Google Penguin

Google works to rank and rank websites through several factors. Among them is the speed of the template or the site and its response to all devices, the security certificate or the HTTPS protocol—content quality and other algorithms that work to rank and rank websites.

Low-quality backlinks

It ranks among the external backlinks to your site, so the ranking of these sites on the Alexa rate is low, especially if your site has a good Alexa ranking. Meaning backlinks to your site should be in better order than a site and not less in demand.

Backlinks via Bot

It would be best if you were careful not to publish your website link on some websites or programs that publish links on thousands of websites by a bot or automatic posting.

Buy Backlinks

Backlinks must also be purchased from sites that offer this service. To avoid deteriorating your site’s ranking. And avoid getting penalties from Google Penguin.

Too much Posting Backlinks

It is one of the most critical problems faced by beginners in blogging. It is when he hears that more backlinks improve the ranking of sites. This sets out to publish your website links in a big way in a short time. This causes the penguin algorithm to ignore these links. It is recommended to post a link, for example, two or three times a week.

It is one of the points that makes Google Penguin detect that you are using bad backlinks. When Google spiders or algorithms crawl a site that contains backlinks, the Penguin Penguin updates analyze and record it according to quality. If not, it imposes a penalty when you find several bad backlinks pointing to your site.

Google Penguin’s algorithm updates analyze backlinks from the Link charts section of the Google Webmaster Tools website. So that they are instructed not to use backlinks, such as the following types:

  • Exchange links
  • Advertising links
  • Buy and sell backlinks
  • Insert backlinks in the bottom section of the site

If you are a user of these things, create backlinks. You will make your site rank bad. It hinders its advancement in search engine rankings. It may cause the google penguin algorithms to penalize your site.

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