What is Google Pigeon?

Google Pigeon

What is Google Pigeon?


Google pigeon is the new algorithm launched by google on 24 July 2014. Do you want your local business to get noticed? For every company wanting revenue, google pigeon is a great way to get started. What this basically does is it increases local listing in the search.

So it is beneficial for local companies or local business owners especially. It creates awareness among people about the local services or products they are looking for. So, this pigeon launch has taken local businesses to a new level. It will build an outstanding online presence. You should probably use this google update for great results. Overall, it would be best if you had it since you are running your business on google.

Let us now see what precisely the google pigeon is. How does it help businesses grow locally, and what other features does it have?

What Exactly, Google Pigeon?

The Google algorithm that is google pigeon helps business owners. It will align address, phone and other appropriate information about your business for the customers.

When people search for any product or company they are looking for, they will get all the local search results on the desktop. It will provide a list of all the local businesses. So, this google algorithm is basically helping business owners and customers.

Google pigeon uses location and distance as crucial strategies for search results. It also has a feature that corrects spelling and grammatical mistakes and googles knowledge graphs. So, it improves your online business overall.

What are the Features of Google Pigeon?

As we have seen the importance of google pigeon for local business owners, let us now have a look on what are the features of it. First, you need to know all the features mentioned in this article to rank high on google search results.

Before google pigeon, google search and google Maps were two different things. But after it that, both are combined. Since it is imperative to have both of them together for good results for your business and for people to find you easily.

Google pigeon is the primary local search result that exists to date. It has improved local ranking results, which significantly impact local businesses.
It is more accurate and specific for yelp-oriented queries.

How to Take Advantage of this Local Search Algorithm?

Here are a few things you need to know to tackle this update and take full advantage of this google algorithm. Let us see what they are and what you have to do.

It would be best if you first focused on creating websites and content that is related and associated with your area and local audience. This ensures to get people’s interest in your locality, city or even state. And the chances of ranking high in local search results will be increased.

Next, work on things local SEO looks for, use the right keywords that have a high chance of people searching around you, and provide the best and most relevant information about your business so people won’t get confused and will get precisely what they are looking for.

Get your hands on local directories like yelp or four squares; this is where people get reviews of the places to shop, eat, and stay local. These directories not only help you drive your business to your website but also help you get the focus of google crawler. So, the more you use them, the more your website looks authorized and the higher it ranks on local search results.

Also, register your business on Google my Business Page to get more recognition. Suppose even if you don’t sign in for the page after registering, google my business will automatically index your page information so that it is consistent in the google search results, location and more.


Whenever someone conducts a local search, google pigeon makes sure to give the most relevant and authentic results. Google created this algorithm especially for local businesses to provide them with the limelight needed to grow their business locally and generate more revenue.

So, for local business owners, google pigeon offers an excellent user experience. So, if you have a local business and are not using this google algorithm, do it right now. You will thank us later.

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