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Lessons in Marketing

Lessons in Marketing


In marketing, you have to keep learning constantly. Every day you will see something new coming your way. But with time, you learn step by step through different experiences and generate excellent results. In marketing, the only target you should focus on is your customers. Rest you can work on it later.

You Have to Build Relationships of Trust

When everything is uncertain, we cling to those who inspire us confidently and assure us that they will not leave us alone, even in the worst circumstances. And that was precisely what happened last year among consumers and some brands.

Those that made it clear that their only interest was to sell had to make extra efforts to retain their customers and still were relegated. But on the other hand, those that reminded their audience of their values and put them into practice daily, for example, maintaining the quality of their service and investing in new service channels.

Or offering discounts or unique payment plans for those customers who were going through economic difficulties, they became more visible and even saw their income increase.

Nothing Connects More than Being Authentic

The long days we spent at home had a very positive side: they gave us time to look at ourselves in the mirror, recognize ourselves and remember who we are, our values, and why we are willing to continue fighting.

And that introspection and focusing on the essential made us more reactive to everything that seems false, posed or did not connect with our purpose in life.

For this reason, the corporate and personal brands that obtained the best results were those that transmitted direct and empathetic messages, spoke honestly about their difficulties, and their willingness to learn and get ahead. And they forgot about the armed speeches, the retouched photos and the studio productions to show a fresher, more accurate and accessible image. As a result, consumers increasingly want human brands.

Brand Value Matter in Marketing

Undoubtedly, your service or the products you sell should be outstanding—no compromise on the quality of the products. But apart from this, you should have a good brand name. 95% of people buy stuff only when they hear about the brand.

They even invest their time if they have no idea about the product or service. So the first thing you need to do is invest your time and money in brand building rest things will follow up.

Content Marketing is No Longer Optional

In building relationships of trust and authenticity, brands have to share data and advice with their audience that help them solve a problem and, in the process, learn more about their products or services. But let them also entertain people, make them reflect and inspire them.

Given the enormous amount of information available on the Internet. It will only increase. Content marketing is the best strategy to overcome the initial resistance of our potential customers. Stand out from the competition, highlight the advantages of our value proposition, and generate new prospects. And in the end, sell more.

To Interact, You Must First Listen in Marketing

As with our relationships, to generate relevant conversations with our target audience, we must first be able to listen carefully. Because if we don’t know our current and potential consumers in-depth, we ignore their messages and answer them in time.

If we ignore their complaints and concerns, it will be tough for them to express their opinion, share their experiences of consuming our products or those of the competition, and thus give us valuable information to adjust the marketing strategy.

Remember also that, for the posts to appear in the timeline of the followers of an account, the algorithms of social networks today give more importance to the “I like it” or to the comments than to the number of followers.

We Can’t Communicate Everywhere At Once

With the increased time people spend on the Internet, many brands increased their communication budgets to launch campaigns on all social networks, thus increasing the impact of their messages.

But then they forgot one of the keys to digital marketing success: segmenting and focusing efforts where and when the customer is ready to make a purchase decision.

The challenge for the coming months is that, over the last year, consumers have been encouraged to try new platforms, and perhaps those who used to follow us on Facebook are now more active on Instagram or even TikTok.

That is why you must measure your results on social media periodically to define whether you should publish more on another platform or add new ones. The key is for your brand to be more active where your audience is and where they are looking for references to understand their new reality and make the best purchase decision.

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