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Local Keyword Research

Local Keyword Research


Local Keyword research is the process of searching for a keyword when people are looking for services or products locally. You will get local trafficking and more customers if you rank for these keywords.

Local keyword research is essential because you need to understand what people look for in search engines like google when looking for your business’s products or services.

Don’t just assume keywords that you think people are going to look for these keywords only. This will lead to targeting the wrong audience. And people around you won’t find your business which can lead to a significant loss to your business. And another thing you should make sure of is to rank every keyword of your services.

Let us give you an example for this to make this clear to you. Suppose you have a Makeup Business in Hyderabad, so your keyword will be “Makeup Services in Hyderabad.” And your company provides other services too. What about them? You have to rank for them too.

So people should know you are giving other services too. If you have a nail service and don’t rank its keyword, your website won’t pop up in the list if people search for it.

How to Track Local Keywords Ranking?

Apart from getting local keywords related to your business, it would be best to look for their ranking positions. You can use the application Ahref to look for ranking positions for your searched keywords once you open the Ahref and login in.

Go to your project, click + add keywords, and choose your country. Then enter your city/state or zip code in the text field. Then below, add your keyword.
That’s how easy it is to check the ranking of your keyword. Don’t ignore these minor things, which can significantly harm your business.

How to do Local Keyword Research?

Here are simple tips that you can follow to do local keyword research:

List Down the Services You are Going to Provide

This is the most important thing before your look for keywords. First, make a list of the services you are going to provide your customers. Once you know precisely what services you provide on your website, you can start keyword research for your business.

Brainstorm or Ask

If you do this keyword research, you know what services you will provide your customers. So make a good list of it, and then get started. And if you are doing this for your client, ask them for the list of their services.

This step is crucial since many don’t think about everything they are providing on their website, and something will be left behind. So follow the above steps correctly then you can get started.

Sometimes, people search for the same service that they are looking for. This is why you have mentioned every specific service you will provide.

Check the Local Intent for Local Keyword Research

As we all know about local SEO, it is about ranking the keyword with local intent, which means the people searching for them are clearly looking for local services.
To get the right idea, search for your business on google if you live in the exact location.

Then google will use your location to personalize the results, so you can tell if there is local intent by checking the SERP for two things:
Local businesses are ranking in the organic results.
A Map Pack.

Check Search Volume for Local Keyword Research

Getting local search volumes for local keywords is hard because every SEO tool only shows countrywide and global volumes.

So no matter how low the search volume is for the local keyword, you must use it for your local visitors. So now you might be thinking, why look at the search volume when we have to use keywords related to our business?

So the answer to this question is you will have an idea about what page should be prioritized in your local SEO.

Look for Things to Mention

This is the most common mistake people make—keyword stuffing. You don’t need to put unnecessary words in the titles thinking people will search for something from those words. It is a wrong approach. It will just make your content unreadable.

It would be best if you only used relevant keywords. The advantages of adding only relevant information in your title are it will help visitors understand your business correctly, it will improve topical relevance and the chances of ranking high long tail keyword increases.

And also, what you can do is open google, search for your service, and look for similar pages that are top-ranked locally. Put the top-ranked URL in the site explorer, then go to the organic keyword report and filter the top 10 ranked keywords.

This will help you filter specific keywords related to your business that you didn’t mention. With this method, you will also get some keywords that might help your page rank high. Maybe that was missing

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