Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel


A marketing funnel is a concept started by Moz to help marketers. To understand the idea of the content, brands need to create and thought process for users. The marketing funnel is divided into four steps in the funnel. The four steps are:

  • Discovery
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Retention.

Before we briefly discuss these stages, we would love to mention that explaining them is undoubtedly not tricky. The user can jump from the discovery stage to the conversion without considering the purchase. So let us know what these steps describe or how they are helpful in the marketing funnel.

Discovery: The topmost stage of the funnel. They are basically viewed as the first step of the conversion stage. Individuals in this stage become aware of your brand. It means creating awareness among people.

Consideration: The next step or stage of the marketing funnel is where people are serious about paying for and buying your products.

Conversion: The different road is taken in this marketing funnel step where portrays customers want to collaborate or invest in your brand.
Retention: This is the last marketing funnel stage, where brands work to retain customers.

Another thing you need to be aware that there is no proper labelling for the funnel, but marketers also consider the funnel with these three core steps. This means that this marketing funnel does not have an adequate definition or specific meaning; instead, it has different stages defining it. Let us see what these core steps are:

  • Top of the Funnel.
  • Middle of the funnel.
  • Bottom of the Funnel.

We need to look out for our brand and interact with our content, so we have better chances to create good content for our brand.

Discovery – The Top most Marketing Funnel

Let us start with the goal of discovery. What are they? The improvement of search visibility and brand awareness. At this stage, you are creating awareness among potential customers of your brand. Simply hearing your brand name is not enough for people to buy from you.

What stimulates the visitors to buy from you is your content. They first learn about your brand and then buy from you. So don’t just bag about yourself. Instead, showcase your brand, and you can fulfil your audience’s needs.

Some of the content that will work well with your brand can be:

  • Blogs or articles
  • Videos and images
  • Quizzes
  • Tips and advice
  • Webinars
  • Infographic
  • Newsletters

As an SEO worker, you should have a big hand in this, whether the format you are using for your website, what keywords bring more traffic, what your competitors are doing that is making their website do well, and you are not doing it. Do the research.


Consideration is the step where you need to take action and share the content with your visitors to help them understand whether your brand is worth buying or not. The content we create for our brand is talking to people and helping them understand the brand. You need to create unique and different content from your competitors.

At this stage, the customers know what kind of products or services you sell. So best tools to do this are to create videos to make them understand better.


The last second stage of the marketing funnel is the point of transaction. Finally, the safe flutter is where people wish what you market and sell. Here your work is simply to convince people to buy from you. Again, it will be easier to do when you deliver great content to help people make decisions more quickly.

You can include good reviews, success stories of your business, interactive assets or seasonal offers to make your brand more appealing. And also, clear descriptions of your products or services and compare how your products differ from other brands.

Retention – Last Step of Marketing Funnel

Now regular customers might buy things and leave. But in this stage, you never know if the customers will be delighted. They might turn into full-time brand revivalists.

This will lead to your customers buying from your to fully subscribing to your website. Don’t let them go. Provide excellent services to them subscribed. They can help you get more new customers.

Since we all know if they are delighted with you, they will spread the word about your brand. Help you gain more traffic and links to your site without much effort. Different content should be created for them that they can share.

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