PBN Hosting

PBN Hosting

PBN hosting is also called private blog hosting. It refers to the process of using separate hosting accounts or servers to host a connection of interconnected websites or blogs. The fundamental goal of PBN hosting is to deploy search engine ranking by creating a network of websites connected to a target website to boost its visibility and organic traffic.

Many SEO professionals have used PBNs to improve website search engine ranking artificially. Before moving on, we like to mention that PBN hosting is considered a significant black-hat SEO. And it is against the guidelines of major search engines like Google.

Search engines always attempt to provide relevant and authorized content to users. But PBNscan undermines this goal by creating manipulative links and unnatural content. And when the search engine detects the PBN hosting, it will take actions like lowering the value of the links and penalizing the targeted website. In the end, they will remove the website from the search engine.

You must follow the proper SEO strategies to improve your website ranking and visibility. For example, creating high-quality and valuable content, getting relevant backlinks, enhancing on-page SEO elements, and providing a good user experience. Since using PBNs may have a lot of risks.

How does PBN Hosting Work?

Well, PBN help in passing the link juice from one website to another to boost the search engine ranking for the target website. Let us see how it works:

  • Domain Attainment: The initial step is to set up a PBN by acquiring expired domain names with existing authority. And a good backlink profile. These domains are chosen based on the niche or industry of the target websites.
  • Setting up the Websites: Once they acquire the domain, they set up individual websites with minimal content. Most of the time, the content is copied from other platforms and shown as unique but low-quality.
  • Placement of the Link: In every content on each PBN website, links point to the targeted website. The intent is to pass SEO value and search engine ranking to the targeted website. The exact keyword is used in the anchor text as the name of the targeted website.
  • Interlinking: This is one of the most complex methods that is even hard for search engines to recognize the unnatural network. In interlinking, the PBN websites are interconnected through complicated links.
  • Covering Footprints: PBN professionals use different tactics to cover up the footprint of their network to avoid detection by search engines. For example, they will use separate domain registrations, IP addresses, and CMS for every PBN website.
  • Maintenance: You need to actively work on maintaining the website so it looks relevant and ongoing. This includes updating the content constantly and ensuring the website appears open.


You should use strategies approved by search engine guidelines if you want your website to rank and be visible in search results for longer. Using PBN hosting will have short-term success, but the loss will be huge. So it is better to use SEO strategies.

Note: This article provides insights into PBN hosting, focusing merely on the subject matter without delving into any personal or targeted references.

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