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Can you Add a Search Bar to a Blog

Can you Add a Search Bar to a Blog

Can you add a search bar to a blog: Have you noticed that the search function of online stores is of little help? Well, this is because intelligent search is not given importance. In this article, we will help you understand why it is crucial and why you should improve it so that the users of your website can access the product they want and are going to buy quickly.

Importance of Adding a Search Bar to a Blog

But the primary search initially built into the store and content management systems typically generates few sales because it is less tolerant of errors; for example, it doesn’t recognize singular or plural words as the same and ignores the use of synonyms. However, with the help of the search bar, customers find the desired product quickly and with greater accuracy.

Search Bar can Improves Usability

For this reason, you should not rule out the application of an intelligent search bar since it has unparalleled advantages for online stores, mainly by improving search results.  Although its implementation is sometimes cumbersome from a technical point of view and requires a lot of configuration time, we can obtain good results. For this, it is necessary to carry out continuous analysis and optimization, in addition to the fact that an increase in costs is essential to achieve the objective, which is to sell. To meet the growing demands of consumers, it is necessary to take a risk and opt for a competent search function.

Search Bar on Web Pages: Figures and Facts

Every commercial web page should include a search bar, especially if it is an online store made up of many items, as this will contribute positively to customer satisfaction. Some research shows that around 80% of companies consider the search bar essential on their website.

This is why they usually include only 3% of the respondents who did not have these search engines on their websites. Often 60% use third-party plugins. 23% use the standard search of the store system, and at least 8% use a solution developed by themselves. However, companies that use intelligent search functions on their websites generally show more satisfaction than those that use standard search.

Perhaps the question now is to find out why there are not more online stores that implement a different search function in their systems, which the study also answers. Many recoils from the extra costs (40%) and heavy integration and maintenance work (48% and 29%) that come with Smart Search.

Now, is it Necessary to Show an Intelligent Search?

The answer should consider what a custom-made search should offer users to achieve the desired effect and increase customer satisfaction. The main characteristics and general lines are:

Seek Bar Error Tolerance
When looking for an excepted, it is customary to make a mistake when writing a word, unconsciously changing the order of the letters or the numbers of the name. Still, if, despite these errors, a user can find what they is looking for, their experience will undoubtedly be satisfactory.

Recognition of Singular, Plural and Synonyms
The fact that one customer types a particular word in the singular while another enters the exact phrase in the plural should not be a reason for the search results to differ between them. You cannot be expect that all users have the same vocabulary or use the same term to refer to the same product.

Autocomplete Function
You need to avoid typing errors if the search function directly recognizes and suggests the expected search terms, feel this function is beneficial as it allows you to find the search term faster. In this way, the tool enables searching with predictions. It will allow the user to save time and positively impact the search’s usability.

Proper Search Bar Placement
Finally, professional recommends that the search box be placed in a prominent and visible place on your web page since nothing annoys users more than not finding the search bar. Integrating intelligent search options is of no use in improving the experience if it will later be impossible to find the bar within the web.

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