SEO Keywords

SEO Keywords

SEO Keywords


SEO keywords, also called key phrases used for online content to improve search engine ranking using those keywords. You can discover these SEO keywords through the keyword research process, and you select them based on search volume, commercial intent and competition.

If you use these SEO keywords, your website can rank at the top in search results and generate good revenue. You can use tools like Ahref, Moz and more to do a keyword. Let us talk more about SEO keywords in this article.

Importance SEO Keywords

When you enhance your content around keywords and titles people look for online, your website ranks highly in search results with the help of those keywords. The higher the ranking, the more it will drive the targeted traffic to your website. This is why you need to look for keywords that people commonly search for in any SEO campaign.

We can clearly say that SEO is impossible without keywords. Once you have made the list of highly searched keywords, you can start working on it. What you need to do next is:

  • Figure out your website structure.
  • Plan out your products, services and categories.
  • You get your niche and start creating blogs, articles, and videos.
  • Enhancing landing pages and sales pages.

SEO keywords are essential to rank at the top in search results and ensure all your hard work is not wasted.

How to Find the Right SEO Keywords?

Google Suggest

The SEO target keywords are way too competitive. That’s the reason people struggle. However, we still hear from people that they want to rank for very competitive keywords searched in queries.

So we recommend using longtail keyphrases using only a single keyword that can take a long time to rank. So next time, start using longtail keyphrases.

Longtail keyphrases should be more than four words. So people here who are new to SEO, we suggest that longtail keyphrases are an excellent way to start. And for this, google offers handy. It is a perfect way to get longtail keyphrases.

For example, if you search for Skincare, it is too competitive, but once you search that in Google, you give several longtail keyphrase suggestions. Pretty great, right? That too for free!

Amazon for E-Commerce SEO Keywords

Searching for e-commerce keywords is kind of similar to usual blog keywords. The only difference is you are looking for keywords for products, services and category pages. Fortunately, you can find many suggestions on Amazon.

There are so many products on amazon, from makeup to accessories to home stuff. So no doubt you will find several suggestions.

Find Keywords that are Out of the Box

When you hunt for keywords, you always get pretty common keywords that are not creative or unique. So you can use the tool called
This tool will help you ask your customers, clients or colleagues how they search for something in google.

Look for SEO Keywords that are Trending on Google

For this, you need to make a monthly search volume. After all, it does not make sense to rank keywords any longer in search. But search volume won’t tell you whether any keyword is trending on not since we are telling you to use the strategy of using trending keywords.

Here is what you can do use Google Trends to find out trending keywords. However, it would help if you focused on something that can grow in popularity in this industry because that will make you successful. Especially in content marketing, you need to put a lot of effort into researching and creating content.

There is also another tool called Google Keyword planner. This is most helpful because the data comes from the most reliable source of keyword data, google itself.

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