What is SEO Marketing?

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SEO Marketing

What is SEO Marketing?


SEO marketing is one of those essential elements within any strategy we evaluate if we want to achieve greater visibility on the Internet. It is the central axis of SEO positioning today, hence the importance of understanding and analyzing it.

In theory, this type of marketing refers to the use of a kind of technique, among which the rewriting of the HTML code, content editing, site navigation, link campaigns and a whole series of actions that help to the optimization of the positioning of a Web page in the search engine results for precise search terms.

The techniques and their relevance to consolidate the positioning of a particular Web are multiple and vary according to the progressive evolution of search engines, integrating perfectly into business strategies and the message that the company wants to send.

Regarding this last point, we must know that it is useless to position ourselves well if there is no contribution to the business objectives, hence essential that we integrate our SEO strategy with the rest of the marketing activities and that, without a doubt, It will lead us to generate user traffic, a higher conversion rate and a quick return on investment.

So Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) is an integral part of digital marketing strategies, essential for us to take our business to potential customers through our website on the Internet.

The Main Factors of SEO Marketing

Content Quality

There are two main factors for positioning in Google: the length and the quality of the content. Since the launch of Google Panda, the algorithm has sought to identify low-quality content to optimize results for the public.

That is, the better your content, the better the chances you will appear in the first positions in the SERPs.

Content Size

The size directly influences the positioning of Google. For example, in research by Search IQ, the average length of content listed in the top positions was approximately 2,500 words. That’s because Google looks for complete content, which clears up readers’ doubts.

But that’s not a rule! It all depends on how your persona reacts to the size of your content and, mainly, does your content fully answer the question that led your persona to it.

Regardless of the text size, the person needs to read your content and have all their questions answered. Otherwise, he will look for another text that better clarifies his questions.

Implementation of SEO Marketing Plan

An online marketing plan’s primary function is to combine all marketing strategies and tactics to achieve one or more macro objectives. Or what is the same, get to sell more.

All digital marketing disciplines, including SEO, must work together and in unison to achieve this. Both communication strategies, social networks, web positioning, and paid advertising actions (online and offline) must complement each other. And the feedback so that the online marketing plan comes to fruition.

Once the marketing plan has been created, it must be put into operation, and we have carried out the marketing consultancy, defined the macro and micro objectives, we have analyzed the company and the competition in depth, carried out a complete SEO audit, created the SWOT, explained the target audience.

Is it Essential to have a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency can lead us to a preliminary analysis of the keywords we will use and relevant and authentic content. Then, it is essential to start positioning ourselves in search engines. The purpose of developing intelligent digital strategies is to ensure that our clients remain connected with us, anywhere and at any time, let’s remember, to sell more online, we need a continuous presence, and we can achieve it through a good digital marketing strategy.

All the techniques used in digital marketing must be executed in parallel for greater effectiveness, that is, HTML code, keyword analysis, relevant content, link campaigns and everything that leads us to develop a more significant presence in the main search engines.

When we enter the growing world of the Internet, we must be able to move at the speed of the consumer or user, designing customer-focused marketing strategies. Therefore, the SEO positioning strategy is the basis of our entire plan.

Digital marketing is today one of the points most valued by companies within the framework of a business plan due to the increasing use of search engines, a starting point through which all users will surely go when browsing the net.

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