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SEO Technology


SEO technology is a discipline that is constantly evolving. Continuous changes to Google’s algorithms and quality policies, as well as new technologies and improvements to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Mean that what will work one day may not work the next day. This changing nature forces SEO professionals always to stay informed about the new trends in the sector and to know the technologies that arise at all times.

Prediction and Artificial Intelligence tools capable of creating content just as human beings would do can significantly help SEO. These are some of the technologies that will be trending in 2021 and beyond and that will have an impact on the forthcoming SEO:

Artificial intelligence

Another vital emerging SEO technology is Artificial Intelligence. AI and Machine Learning can eliminate or transform routine jobs to spend time on tasks that require the human touch. It is not about replacing professionals with machines but about streamlining their work so that they can dedicate themselves to improving other parts of the business thanks to their creativity and critical vision.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence already allows us to program bots and commit them to customer service. A method that more and more companies are using to filter user comments for the first time and help them more quickly and accurately.

AI is the combination of algorithms proposed to create machines capable of imitating the capabilities of human beings. The idea is to achieve systems that think like humans thanks to the automation of decision-making, machine learning or problem-solving. They try to emulate people’s rational, logical thinking.

For example, AI is present in the facial detection of mobile phones or virtual voice assistants. It is estimated that the total revenue of the artificial intelligence market worldwide will break the barrier of 400,000 million in 2023.

Natural Language Generation – SEO Technology

NLGs (Natural Language Generators) are artificial intelligence tools that create texts and content automatically based on specific keywords or topics. For now, they are instrumental in creating short texts.

So they can be a handy tool to break the “creative block” and create introductory texts for longer articles. As well as to create meta descriptions and even social media posts. Social.

Natural Language Processors (NLP) – SEO Technology

In 2019, Google launched BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), an algorithm introducing natural language processing to Google. This way, the search engine can understand each word within the sentence. That is, it can understand the context of a sentence.

With BERT, Google no longer depends on a keyword to identify content and offer answers to searches but can respond to users’ search intent. With BERT, it is possible to improve the SEO of a page by creating content that answers user questions as precisely and correctly as possible, offering as much information as possible so that all possible aspects of a query are covered.

GPT-3 to Create Automatic Content – SEO Technology

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer Number 3) is an artificial intelligence capable of writing articles like a human. This AI is fed with databases from Wikipedia, historical books from all libraries worldwide and information from the Internet.

The Guardian published this article entirely by GPT-3, which went around the world. Beyond causing uncertainty, this AI can be used to write all kinds of texts, from newsletters to articles, covering all aspects of a specific topic.

Automate the On-page Optimization of the Content

When creating extensive content, SEOs have to review Google results to analyze the content that appears in the first positions. Take note of subheadings and titles, identify points that are not covered by the content and create a better article. This process is slow and requires time and effort.

Today there are tools like Phrase AI that, by entering the keyword or phrase we want to write about, analyze the results of the SERPs and show all the necessary information in detail, including the results of the most frequently asked questions on forums like Quora. or Reddit.

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