What is a Snippet?

What is a Snippet?

What is a Snippet?


The snippet is a single search result in search results. It consists of a title, description and URL of the page. The snippet content should match the search query parts, and you will see your keyword highlighted in the snippet description. Since search engines sometimes use part of your content to fill in the parts that will make up the snippet.

It is one of the most valuable parts of the online estate. It is the entrance to your website. Therefore, it would be best to make it as appealing as possible, as you need users to click on your link. If the search engines ask how these snippets appear, you can give them options. If they consider these worthy, they will use them.

Types of Snippets

Search engines like it when it has to experiment with different ways to highlight particular results in the search result pages. So now let us look at the types of snippets:

  • Regular Snippet
  • Rich Snippet
  • Featured Snippet

Regular Snippet: This is the standard type that consists of a title, description and URL. Nothing different.

Rich Snippet: This is the same as a regular one, but in addition to this, it consists of reviews, availability, product details and more. For example, “ABC Brownies Right from the Oven.” This is a rich snippet. As you can see in the above example, you can see much richness.

Overall the rich one has pricing, stock availability, reviews, and product highlights. The above example was a product example. In addition, you can use rich snippets in recipes, videos, events, online courses and more. Adding structured data is essential in rich snippets.

Featured Snippet: Featured is the new type of snippet. The new kind of result appears on the top of the search results pages, even before the first organic search results. We can position this at the number 0.

The content for these featured snippets comes from the pages that best answer the questions. It means precisely related. You can’t do anything to get your page on the except give the best content so it can appear on the top. Users who wish to read the whole content click on the URL of the featured snippets.

There are four types of Featured Snippets:

  1. Paragraph Featured
  2. Video Featured
  3. Table Featured
  4. Listicle Featured

SEO Title and Meta Description (Snippet)

When we talk about search engines, they sometimes prefer to pick their text from a website to use in the snippets. Since search engines are pretty good at making something nice. But sometimes, you want to control how your page appears in search results.

One of the simple ways to do this is by adding the meta description for your page. This is simply the short text that describes your content briefly. This will help make the content attractive for both search engines and users.

Another important thing is your page title. You can also edit your page title if you want to prevail the standard way the search engine shows you the page title.


Let us briefly look at what the snippet is. In simple words, the snippet is a deceptively small thing—a single search result. Having it will help you get more number of clicks. No one goal is to just appear at the top of search results. The actual goal is to get more number of clicks. And to get more clicks, you need a great snippet.

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