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Topgrading Startup Team

Topgrading Startup Team


Topgrading startup teams should be at the top of your priority list because it is a crucial responsibility to have top-quality candidates and run the company smoothly.

Selecting candidates, matching every applicant’s skills, and doing everything manually can be time-consuming tasks. But nowadays, much software is developed to help you with the process.

But for now, in this article, let us see how you can hire the upgrading startup team and the interviewing process. We are here trying to save you time and increase the compatibility of the job. So let us not waste more time and quickly dive into it.

Topgrading Consumption

Topgrading is the intense process that every company needs to adapt to help you get top A-class candidates. Before, this method was used to hire CEO, VP and more. Usually, for higher positions.

For you to know if the candidates have leadership skills and knowledge. Now let us see how you can apply these topgrading steps in other hiring posts.

Steps for Topgrading Startup Team

Here are a few steps for topgrading startup team:

Before these steps, look at your hiring method and see where and what you are doing wrong to make changes wherever needed. See what works for your company and what does not.

After deciding on the positions you want in your company, create a scoreboard. Write down every skill you want for a particular position. Then while interviewing, you can score the candidates depending on their skills. Select the one who got the highest of all. Easy right? At least better than your last method. Let us move on to the next.

It would help if you gave a complete job description wherever you post about an opening. So the people are aware of everything.

It will take time but take every detail about the candidates too. For example, what was the reason they left their last job? Anything they don’t want or want to have in the new job that they have in their previous job and much more. We hope you know the questions better than us. Just go deeper.

Did you ever hear about aptitude interviews? You can learn more about their performance and skills. Do this!

Training or coaching should be incorporated, no matter your hiring position. To upgrade the skills of your candidates.

In the beginning, once all the candidates are hired, observe their working process, and make a report. So you have an idea about them.

Make the company environment peaceful and welcoming for your new joiners. So you get better results.

Topgrading Startup Team Interview Preparations

Upload about your job opening on social media platforms and different sites. Apart from job duties, mention the additional skills required for the position. Also, specify the strengths that they need for the job.

Get the list of their certificates, technical skills, personality qualities and soft skills. And also know what inspires them to get to work every single day.

Publish the form online, so qualified candidates can reach you quickly, and unqualified candidates won’t bother you. Just don’t waste your time looking at hundreds of resumes.

Set the first interview on the video call. Ask general questions to know if they have a growth mind if they are fit for your company culture and if they are result driven; if satisfied, you have an offline discussion.

As we have mentioned earlier, keep a scoreboard. Keep scoring candidates for every single thing. Then before hiring, look at the score and decide whom to hire.
Now you can call the hired candidates and provide them with all the references they want. It can be a lengthy process, but it will be worth it.

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