What is a WordTracker?

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What is a WordTracker?


WordTracker is a free keyword generator tool developed to help digital marketers find accurate words and phrases to rank better in search results and improve their website traffic. The great thing about WordTracker is keyword suggestions from collecting data from search engines. This tool also helps find competitive keywords so you can know which words your competitors rank in SERP. So it can be easy for you to understand what works for the competition.

Keyword research and content creation are similar techniques in digital marketing; WordTracker can be used in content marketing to some extent. It helps find content ideas for your blog articles, videos and other different types of content. In addition, it provides data from Google, YouTube, eBay and more. So with the help of WordTracker, you can create content for YouTube or sell products online. Now, this tool is a great choice.

How Can You Use WordTracker Tool?

  • The first step is to head over to the WordTracker official page.
  • Once on the page, you will see a drop-down label that says “Search With” to search with search engines like Google, YouTube, Amazon or eBay.
  • Then next move more down, you will see a list labelled “Territory.” There you need to select the country.
  • In the search bar, enter the primary keyword or your niche and click the search button.
  • The tool will generate accurate keyword suggestions on the screen with the metrics to assess the profitability of each term.
  • The Search volume, IAAT, Competition level, and “+GSC keyword only” are displayed by default. You can check or uncheck to select the interesting metrics, but the limitation is only three.
  • Next, you can bring up the meter and refine the keywords list when you click each metric. This will narrow the list to precise terms matching your search criteria.
    Besides the “Metric” button, you will find three other buttons to display results by three data SEO, GSC and PPC

How to Get Your List with WordTracker?

  • When you move more down, you will find an option called “My List.” Section where you can create your keywords list.
  • A list titled “Untitled List” is created by default. You will find a pen logo on the side.
  • Click on it and edit the name.
  • Click on the keyword in the results you have already generated by WordTracker to add your list.
  • You will also find the + logo on each suggestion; by clicking on it, you can add an extensive list of keywords. Finally, select the Save button to save and export the data by clicking on “Export.”

It also Displays a Score for Certain SEO Metrics

The WordTracker tool also tends to show scores for specific SEO metrics using different terminologies, and the score will be out of 100:

  • Page Speed: To display the loading time of web pages.
  • Optimization: To evaluate the optimization of the website for the search engine.
  • Trust Flow: Designation of the level of reliability of backlinks obtained by the website.
  • Citation Flow: Designating quality and quantity of backlinks available for the websites.
  • Difficulty: The estimation of the difficulty level to exceed the site on the pages of the search engines.

It also displays information about your competitors, like titles, headings and meta descriptions. Then, you must enter the competitor’s site URL and click on the “Inspect” button.

When you move further down, you will find a list of keywords with which your competitors rank high in the search results and the relevant keywords they cannot rank for. You can use those keywords and outperform your competitors on the applicable terms in your industry.

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