5xx Errors

5xx Errors

5xx Errors

5xx errors are considered part of the hypertext transfer protocol HTTP and the basis for much communication on the Internet. 5xx Error Means an error that stands for 500 or 503. This Error is encountered in these scenarios:

  • Any software program accessing an API server will return an error.
  • Are you a user browser website that is experiencing an error?
  • Any component of a distributed system that will fail to serve the request by other parts.

What are the Reasons for 5xx Errors?

Here are some of the reasons that cause 5xx Errors:

  • The website has been updated to a new version, and the server cannot request it correctly.
  • The host side of the browser may not have sufficient resources to serve the current request they made.
  • The website is incompatible with this software on the host side, or there is an issue with their hardware.
  • There is an issue in the operating system, such as misconfigured or crashed.
  • A back-end component of the application has failed or may not be responding.

Different Types of 5xx Errors

Internal server error – 500

This type of Error shows that Discover is experiencing an unusual condition that wasn’t handled. The request may not have been fulfilled because of an incorrect configuration.

Not implemented – 501

This type of Error happens when the server does not support the functionality the host has requested or may not recognize the request.

Service Unavailable – 503

The service unavailable Error shows that the server is temporarily unable to handle the request. Another reason for this Error is an excessive load or undergoing application maintenance.

Gateway timeout – 504

This Error occurs when the server upstream is not responding to the host promptly. It usually happens when there is a delay in receiving a response due to Internet connectivity issues.

HTTP version not supported – 505

This is the most common Error when the web server does not support the HTTP version used to make a request. It clearly states that the version is not supported and requires other protocol versions that a server will support.

Variant also negotiates – 506

An error occurs when you use a transparent content negotiation, and this is a protocol that will help the client enable the several variants of a given source.

Insufficient storage – 507

This Error happens when the server cannot store a representation needed to finalize the client’s request. This is the same as 503, and it is temporary. This happens when there is limited space in the RAM.

How do we Resolve 5xx Errors?

5xx Error is usually caused by customers when you are running on a web server. Here are a few factors that you need to check if you are web server returns to 5xx Error:

  • The server may not have taken permission to perform a particular operation on a file or a folder.
  • Sometimes, the server may not work correctly and may have disconnected or restarted from the network.
  • There is a time-out of the server. Some errors will cause a server to use unnecessary resources, leading to the server sticking in a loop.
  • Could you contact the hosting provider to see if they have similar issues with a similar server or even a component interacting with the server?

We all know that an Apache web server, the .htaccess file, defines the web server’s configuration on different directories. But with any issue, it can result in 5xx errors.


Once you find out what is causing the 5xx Error, it will be easy for you to resolve it. Above, we have mentioned some possible issues that cause 5xx errors and their reason so it will be easier for you to fix them.

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