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You may think our role or goal is to outperform the content in the search engines, get the lead. Or at least an advanced position from the first page. And then receive thousands of visitors on this article or topic.

This may seem logical to anyone who uses content marketing to outperform competitors and lead in search results. But who said the goal is to show in search results and get a decent amount of Traffic? The fundamental purpose of creating any business is to make sales

Otherwise, these efforts are futile and a waste of time. For example, suppose the content you publish cannot achieve this goal. In that case, you need to rebuild your accounts from the beginning and find a way out of this dilemma because your business will look great from the outside.  But it does not achieve any tangible results that are reflected in sales and revenues.

In this article, we will not only speak about how to find content writing ideas, but we will go further than that. We’ll talk about those ideas that get you sales in your business and make your content investment worth every cent.

What is the Natural Content Writing Path for any Business to Take?

After determining the nature of the business – keyword research related to this business is done. The search ends with an extensive list of keywords. Then they are compared according to the volume of potential visitors Traffic based on the number of monthly searches.

Finally, the keyword list is reduced to a smaller number of options. These options are available and ready to be acted upon immediately.

Searching for content writing ideas begins from this list, revolving around these keywords. Then come up with the content (which we will assume is attractive and provides real value to the user and takes into account the internal configuration rules for On-Page SEO). And start promoting it through the usual means until it gets the required visitor volume.

A good volume of visitors without the conversion purpose of the content being achieved, and then sales are not completed or the company’s revenues increase because of this content on which the company spent a lot of money.

So mostly, the business owner stops spending on content. So for this, we can only say content marketing is a failed strategy.

What is the Content of Growth?

And at a time when dozens – even hundreds – of competitors move in the traditional way that brings users to their sites only through the keywords they lead in Google seek to achieve real benefit from those visitors. As we mentioned above, what counts is not the visitors’ size but the achievement of sales and profits.

It is about discovering the pain points of customers’ words (keywords) and trying to understand what those customers did not tell you about them.

The most important thing is knowing what customers have not told you and how to access their minds to know their real needs. If we can meet them with actual content. It will motivate them to interact with your business in the way you want.

Steps to Finding User-Searching Content Ideas

Here we will explain the methodology through which you can identify pain points. Find content ideas that interest your target audience and generate sales for your business.

It makes no sense to move in the direction of the customer until you know the purpose for which the company was created. The process is not done automatically according to the principle (the customer is always right).

On this basis, we blindly seek to satisfy the customer, even if this is at the company’s expense. It is not done this way, but it needs to know the company’s objectives and the nature of its business first. The business model on which it operates. And then how it can achieve profits.

This step is considered one of the most difficult from a procedural point of view. It is often difficult to reach the client to ask him questions and to identify the pain points he suffers from.

Doing keyword research with a lot of intelligence and previous experience can be a productive process. But most cases require a lot of effort to reach the target customer and ask them the right questions from which we know the pain points.

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