What is On-Page SEO?

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What is On-Page SEO?

What is On-Page SEO?


On-page SEO is also called on-site SEO. It helps to optimize your webpage, improve your website’s google search engine and help you earn organic traffic. Different elements help your website to get ranked and get more organic traffic.

But apart from this, are you optimizing all these elements? Which is very important to rank on google at the top. So on-page SEO will help you to maximize these elements on your website. Showing authority and trustworthiness and having title tags, good content etc., are good on-page SEO.

Savvy website owners know consistency is the key to ranking on google and for your page to stay on the google search engine result pages.

The search engine will never end with a perfect page. Therefore, you must constantly audit and evaluate your content to ensure it is up to date and relevant.

Google improves every day, ensuring users a better experience every time they look up something on google. So with that, you must be up to date to stand apart from your competitors and keep making your mark.

Importance of On-Page SEO

On-page SEO will help modify elements like contents, title tags, internal links etc., to improve your ranking and increase your page’s search visibility. In short, it will optimize all these elements to understand your website better.

Improving your website will help to increase the ranking performance, and eventually, high-ranking means more organic clicks and your website will have more CTR (Click through rates). It will also improve mobile search results. Finally, it means if internet users search for a topic related to your content, it will significantly impact your organic SEO.

We hope you understand what precisely on-page SEO is and how it is essential for your website to rank on google.

Factors of On-Page SEO

Here are some essential factors that will help your website to rank on google. Let us see what they are:

Content for On-Page SEO

It is the king of your website. Think of it this way you brought an expensive and gorgeous phone, but you will not insert a sim. You cannot make a phone. It is the most important thing to do when you have a phone with you. It is precise with the content. A website without good content is useless.

Now how to get good content? Here are some other factors in content that you should keep in mind while creating the content for your website.


Always do some research while selecting keywords. You must never forget what kind of audience you are targeting. And the information you give in the body, headings, etc., should be relevant to the keyword.

You can always go with long-tail keywords. What it does is it will make your keyword unique and make you stand out from your competitors, and also, there are more chances of people searching from words. So you’ve got more search results chance.

On-Page SEO Writing

It’s an art to write the type of content that pleases not only the (SEO) google search engine but also people who read online. So if you know how to tackle all of this well enough, we will mention some tips you can follow to write good content.

  • Don’t overuse keywords. It should be 2 per cent for the ‘N’ number of keywords.
  • Keep the sentences or paragraph brief and understandable.
  • Content should be easy to read.
  • Use subheadings which is more understandable.

Visual Assets

Most people are attracted to content which has visual images or videos. So try to include pictures and videos in your content. And especially when you are selling something online, people should know what your product is, so have pictures.

Ranking on google will also decrease if you don’t have visual content on your page. But be careful about the image size. If the size is large, it will increase the loading time of your page. And one more thing, the images you use should be shareable with other website owners for backlinks.

Other factors are meta descriptions, internal links, outbound links or backlinks, title tags, your website design etc., which we have mentioned in our previous articles. Check those out.

Let us see briefly what they are:

The meta description should be short and straightforward. Relevant to your content. The focused keyword should be mentioned in the meta description.

Internal links increase the chances of crawling on google quickly. It directs to your website. And backlinks direct to other pages of different domains.


All these mentioned in the above article are known as On-page SEO. These factors will help you rank on google quickly and bring organic traffic to your page. And also, they increase CTR for your business. So follow them to grow your business online.

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