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International SEO

International SEO


International SEO is a process where you want to make your website international with some technical aspects. It will also help you understand global competitiveness issues, allowing you to plan your digital strategy and analyze the competition before expanding your business. International SEO can also be defined as Geolocation SEO.

It means you are attracting not only customers from your city but also from different countries. It is terrific if you go international when you take the internet as an ally. You will open the way to fantastic opportunities for yourself by breaking boundaries. This includes physical ones too. So now you think about international SEO. We are here to help you with it.

What is International SEO for?

Suppose you are in India, and your business is doing great virtually and physically. Your presence on the internet is so strong that you get visitors from different countries like USA, London, Canada and more. Now you wonder if your business has potential for these countries. Now the coincidence is that these three countries speak a similar language.

Don’t get too excited. Take baby steps here because you cannot be similar content to all three countries. What you need to do is configure your website to reach everyone at the same time. This is what we called as international SEO.

This not only indicates to the search engines your regions and languages but also configure your website so that it correctly indicates the search engine and helps you reach different countries through the internet. Of course, all these things depend on the type of business you run, your resources, customers, and other things.

International SEO is full of dissimilarities. This is why you need to read this article until the end to understand what you should take according to your business. Then, keep reading to learn more about international SEO.

Principles of International SEO

When we talk about principles, we refer to fundamental aspects that should be considered authoritative. So let us know what exactly we are talking about:

Keywords between Different Regions:

Suppose, for example, every region has different domains like India or the USA is Specific domains for specific countries. Most of the time, the same content with the exact keyword will be positioned in different places. You may wonder how this happens.

Well, there can be many reasons. Like, suppose the traffic of keywords, the relevancy of keywords in different countries, the search query of users and more. This does not happen every time because every country has their language, vocabulary, expressions and other information needs. And medium users use (Smartphones or laptops) to search the query also affects the search performance.

Quality and Original Content Across Countries:

The most crucial foundation – Original and good-quality content. This is almost said everywhere. No matter how much we talk about Local SEO or international, both need content that sounds good. Therefore originality and quality conquer.

There is this software called google trends that you can use to see what subjects are essential and trendy. However, please make sure you also look for competitors to understand what it takes to succeed in particular things.

Hreflang Attribute:

How can we forget Hreflang? The must approach when you are going international. This is something that will allow you to differentiate SEO from international SEO. Let us see how it works. What exactly does it be?

It is the attribute that helps google show the URL to the visitor based on their geographical location and language. In addition, Google offers a course to understand Hreflang to apply this requisite tag.

Mobile-Friendly Content and Website:

Not only for international SEO, but this thing should be prioritized every single time. Because 85% of internet users are on their mobile. Simple, just like the primary SEO. If google prioritizes mobile-friendly content, your site needs to perform well and offer good usability on mobile devices.

How to be Successful in International SEO?

For a successful international SEO, you need to work on two principles: Content Marketing and the Technical part of the website and blog.

Content Marketing for International SEO:

We all are familiar with content marketing and SEO strategies. But what other practical ways do you need to apply to the international market? The first step is to draw a map showing all the countries you want your business to enter. All note down the new competitors.

The second step is to evaluate the selected countries’ SEO strategies. For this, you need to perform the SERP to see what they have and then note down the critical points of SEO that will help you strengthen your digital presence.

Consider these points to understand better:

  • Define who your potential clients are.
  • Analyze your competitors
  • Look for international keywords.
  • Create high-quality content.

Technical Aspects
Most probably similar to the basic SEO. A few changes that you need to make are:

Website Structure: Before you design your website, you need to clarify which countries or languages you want to reach out to. If you wish to be in countries with similar languages, select an approach based on language selection.

You need to work on other domains separately as a diverse project for different countries. Another thing that you can use is Hreflang to showcase the URL in different countries.

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