What are Local Citation Tools?

Local citation tools

What are Local Citation Tools?


Local citation tools are the tools that will help you manage local citations easier and faster. For example, if you want to create a new citation for a new location, you don’t have to do it manually everywhere online; even if you’re going to update your business name again, you don’t have to do it manually.

Local citations will do that automatically for you, or pass on this work to an experienced SEO professional to do it for you. The initial goal for any business is to save time when managing citations. Yes, you can do this for your business using tools. In addition, you will also get the benefit of SEO expertise that goes into creating and running the tool.

This article will mention some of the local citation tools or software that will help you with citations. Let us look at them:

Moz Local Tool

Moz Local is a new tool in the market, but it is a straightforward local citation tool from Moz. It is weird to say, but it has precisely the same quality as you expect from it. As a result, it is one of the most significant players in the world of SEO and is now in local SEO.

Moz Local can enter your country, business name and address into their tool, and after you mention your data, it will look into the web for your online presence. It will demonstrate the list of every citation source one by one and also score the listing accuracy. It also checks if the web mentions your business photos and even hours.

You can download this list, use it in future, and share it with your team members or employees to work on them. This Moz local tool will help you with your citation building and clean up the breeze. This tool also has the option that has multiple plan levels to have them manage your work.

Local SEO Checklist – Local Citation Tools

The local SEO checklist was made by synup. The best thing about this is that it is free. This resource will help you formulate an inclusive local SEO campaign. Since it is a free resource, you don’t need to spend money but need guidance.

The local citation in the tool will help you with the current position of your business in the online listing. Once you fill up your business details, it will generate a quick report on your local citation profile.

It will show you how many sites apply to your local business and if it has a presence on each. It will be easy to access if it has accurate and consistent information. Or if it has anything missing or issued, the tool will find it, and you can fix it.

SEMrush – Local Citation Tools

We all know SEMrush is an SEO platform. It also includes local SEO. The critical part about SEMrush is that you can check and update your citation listing across the internet. Just provide your business information like name, contact number, and address, is will check your online presence.

This local management is only available to large businesses. And it is only available in fewer countries. So check if it is available in your country.

My Presences – Local Citation Tools

My presences local citation tool is about updating and growing your online presence as a local business. This means they focus mainly on local citations. However, this tool will also help you to increase your presence on different websites.

This tool provides a service called “online presence management.” It includes being accurate and present on things like citation websites and directories. For example, this tool will help you optimize your citation on google my business, yelp, Bing and other websites.


It is another local citation tool most concerned with managing your local online reviews. The vital part of getting local online reviews is to have local citations on reviews. We all know online reviews are as critical as local citations for your local SEO. Review Trackers resources are paid. There are lesser free resources to look for reviews.

Uberall – Local Citation Tools

This tool focuses on three essential branches: Reviews, Citations and voice search. So yes, they got three products on their platforms that will help you with your local citation listings. With uberall, you can manage the presence and consistency around the websites, apps and directories.

Apart from this, it also has a network and directories of around 125 platforms, all of which are free. And also have a store locator service and a local landing page. You can use this to get traffic on your website from your citations to these pages to help convert more of them into customers.

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