What is PPC?


PPC (Pay Per Click) is the digital advertising model where the advertiser pays money every time people click on their ad. But, more importantly, you pay for a targeted visit to your website or a landing page. So, if PPC works out well for you, you will get more than you spend. Suppose, for example, you have paid 1$ for the ad, and you get 100$ out of it; then you are making a significant profit.

You can have different PPC ads with additional images, videos or both. Keep the ad in different sizes and shapes. You can make it appear on various social media platforms, search engines, websites and more. Another name for search engine advertising is “Search Engine Marketing” or “Paid Search.”

How does PPC work?

The working of PPC is different on different platforms. But the basic process to pay per click is:

  • Select your campaign type based on your objective.
  • Enhance your setting and your targets like locations, schedules, audience, devices and more.
  • Decide your budget and bidding tactic.
  • Put your destination URL. It means your landing page.
  • Start building your ad.

So, after all these steps, when your ad goes live, people can see it. But, of course, the amount you pay per click depends on your budget, bid, campaign settings, ad quality, and relevancy. All the platforms that run PPC ads aim to satisfy their users. They also reward the advertisers who create trustworthy and relevant PPC ads with high positioning ads and lower costs.

How PPC works with Google Ads?

When any advertiser creates an ad, they need to set keywords that target that ad and then place a bid on each keyword. So if you bid for the keyword Deserts Shop, you are telling google that you want your ad to match searches with relevant results.

The more your keyword relevancy, the more quality score you will get. It is scaled from 0-10. You can also expect more click-through rate and good landing page quality. And when multiply your quality score by the amount you are paying per click will decide your Ad rank. So the ads with the highest ad rank the more it is shown more.

This process will help the advertiser get more customers at a cost that can fit their budget. It is the type of auction. The more you pay, the more chances you get the things same here; the more you spend, the more your ad will be displayed.

How can you Do Effective Keyword Research?

It would help if you did keyword research for PPC. But the process is highly time-consuming. Your entire ad is built around the excellent keyword. And the thing about google is it continuously grows and refines the PPC keywords.

You are at a loss if you are looking for keywords and selecting immediately. You will miss out on log tail, low budget, good quality and unique keywords that can bring traffic to your website.

For an excellent keyword, the things you need to look for:

Obviously, you are not going to pay for clicks that are not going to convert into customers. It means the bid you sell should be related to the services or products you sell on your website.

PPC is an iterative aspect. Therefore, you need to constantly change and expand your campaigns and create an environment where your keywords are continually developing and growing.

Apart from having a relevant and trendy keyword, it would help if you also focused on keeping its long tail because long tail keywords are less common and specific. Still, they have a big hand in driving more traffic to your website. Moreover, they are less expensive and also less competitive.

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