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Quality of Link Directory

Quality of Link Directory


Checking the quality of the link directory is a time-tested method by virtually all SEO, making a fall into the world of link-building directory submission. The best part about the quality of the link directory is that it is not expensive and does not take a lot of time. And also, if you submit the correct link directory, it can positively impact your website’s search engine ranking.

But excessive reliance on a link directory to build your website backlink profile can backfire. And there are chances you can get stopped by google if you submit too many low-quality link directories.

So now you may ask how exactly you can find out the quality of a link directory. In this article, you will find a few steps to help you check the quality of the link directory. Then, hopefully, you will see the difference in your website.

Human Editors to Check the Quality of Link Directory

One of the best qualities of a link directory is the presence of human editors. However, it means real people should review every link submission manually.

Directory links that are auto-accepted can contain low-quality websites that can lower the value of the quality of the link directory for both users and search engines. And the directories that humans submit manually can state right on the homepage.

Link Juice to have a Good Quality Link Directory

The excellent build link can have both “follow” and “nofollow” links. Search engines recognize this, but it won’t affect your ranking position. If you are taking time for website submission, link the directory with this. You need to make sure the link is passing the juice. Again, it will impact your ranking position in search results.

To check this, you can view the website source and look at how the hyperlinks are set up. For example, if you see “rel=nofollow” within the HTML tag, now this means the link juice is not passed.

Link Directory Indexation Rate on Google

Always check the directory indexation rate; it means seeing how Google indexes many individual pages within the broader directory website. But this technique is not good; the fastest way to check this is to head over to google and look for “site”:www.ABCD-directory.com in the search box.

It would help if you always remembered that there should be no space between the colon and the URL, and the “site” command should be lowercase. This is because Google will fetch thousands of results in the search query. So you need to be cautious if it is not the directory size or less than a few thousand.

Link Popularity and Trust

You must see if the directory is doing well in link trust and popularity. To check the link’s popularity, you can use some online tools.

Overall Review

The final step is thoroughly evaluating the link directory’s design and visual layout. Do you find any issues like grammatical mistakes or an accumulation of google ads? Then, your directory will look like a money generator tool rather than a valuable resource for the website community.

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