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SEO Essential Certification

SEO Essential Certification


SEO essential certification is a fantastic way to gain more digital marketing knowledge, upgrade your skills, learn more technical skills, and enhance your online marketing results. There are tons of courses present online that you pay for or are free.

If you are looking forward to learning more about SEO courses (Search engine optimization) and don’t know where to get started, then we are here to help you. In this article, you will find a few courses that are available online, and you get the certification at the end of the course. So you can go ahead and select one or more. Let us get started:

Yoast Academy – SEO Essential Certification

Yoast is the most popular plug-in for the most popular WordPress. Apart from this, it also offers SEO certification courses for marketers. They hope to improve people’s skills in search engine optimization—the course cost around 299$ as a whole-year subscription.

The pricing is a little high, but they have another option that is the best 499$ for a whole year subscription, but you will get all the courses in this subscription and certification for all.

It provides nine courses in the SEO:

  • Yoast SEO for WordPress Training
  • Keyword research training
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Structured Data training
  • All round SEO training
  • Free SEO training for beginners
  • International SEO training
  • Technical SEO training

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy offers around 3-4 certificate courses. There are around 15 videos to complete all three classes. It also provides a quiz that will help you test your knowledge. This SEO certification course is free. You will get a brief understanding of SEO and a beginner’s guide to high-level SEO knowledge. The courses it offers are:

  • SEO Strategy Development
  • Helps Select Content Topics
  • Building Authority
  • Link building

Directive Institute – SEO Essential Certification

Directive Academy offers digital marketing courses for students, new marketers or house marketers who want to expand their marketing business. Although plenty of SEO courses are theoretically present online, keeping this in mind, the directive institute has created practical exercises too, so it is for students to learn better.

This SEO course offers a few hours of class. It is designed to help beginners, and experienced marketers improve their online marketing and SEO knowledge. The course is a one-time enrollment for 99$ for students. After registration, you will have access to classes, quizzes, templates and tools.
The courses are divided into sub-classes:

  • SEO
  • Data Analytics
  • PPC
  • CRO

Moz Essential Certification

This is a six hours course that is divided into six videos. Students must spend eight hours completing the course and getting the SEO certification—six hours for the classes and 2 hours for the exam. This course provides detailed essentials of SEO.

The course will provide the fundamentals of SEO and how to build keyword strategy and link building, how you can optimize individual pages for search results and also how you can create a report using google analytics. The registration fee for this course is around 500-600$. Now the pricing is a little high due to Moz’s name and reputation.

Google Digital Garage

Google digital garage provides an introductory course in digital marketing. It is a 40 hours course with 26 modules. This course offers a broad range of digital marketing concepts and strategies—just basics. So the topics that are covered in this are:

  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • Website Designing
  • Content Marketing
  • Analytics
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Local and organic search marketing
  • Paid Search Marketing


There is a vast scope in SEO and digital marketing for you to grow your career. This industry is just increasing day by day. So if you want to step into this career, you can do any of the courses mentioned in this article. Now you can learn digital marketing from the comfort of your home and also get the SEO essential certification that can be very useful for you in the future.

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