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SEO for Web Developers

SEO for Web Developers


SEO for web developers is about hiring and explaining to the developers the urgency of your website’s SEO needs. Therefore, it is mandatory for your company to hire web developers. In addition, you need to explain your website SEO to them since they will have many other priorities.

It is essential to get buy-in and support from web development. It is efficient if the web developers know the basics and works on them in site build and maintenance, so there are no issues or errors and no need for re-work. In this article, we will talk about a few basic methods that will help your company with web development.

Site Speed

Site speed is the most critical factor compared to other factors; this is why I have mentioned this first. If the site speed is slow, it will affect your UX and conversion rates. It will also have a significant impact on SEO performance.

There is no particular way to keep your site speed good. But what you can keep in mind is to be careful while using plugins or extensions, have an optimized hosting environment, and keep the image size small. Any files or codes that will cause changes in the website’s performance can be risky. If any plugin update is ignored, it can slow down the website.


Your website security matters to search engines. So the beginning of your website is to have SSL in place without any errors. After this, make sure that you have the necessary safeguards so you can avoid vulnerabilities and also manipulated content.

If your website gets hacked, it will Have a negative impact on your user experience and search engines. So be careful with your website. Make sure to secure the site with plugins, extensions and also tools.

Sitemaps – SEO for Web Developers

To ensure that the search engines are always aware of our website pages, you need XML sitemaps. Make sure all the pages are listed in XML sitemaps. Don’t waste resources due to insignificant pages, images and other things that need not be indexed.

And also, be sure to keep clean and free pages from 404 errors and things that are not the destination page.

URLs – SEO for Web Developers

A good URL includes relevant words that are important to the particular page; it is concise, all the words are in lowercase, and it does not contain spaces, underscores or any other characteristics. In addition, it is excellent to have URL of pages that matches the hierarchy of the content in the navigation and site structure.


Redirects are essential when you want to migrate or launch from an old website to a new one. Even if you do anything else for your page in the launch process, at least do the redirects. Make sure that all the URLs from the old website have a 301 redirect to the most appropriate page on the new website.


Robot.txt will tell the google search engine not to crawl certain pages on your website. The major search engine will recognize the request of robot.txt whenever it wants any page not to be indexed on google.

Mobile Friendly – SEO for Web Developers

Since we know that 89% of users are using the internet on a mobile phone, so when building the website, you should keep in mind that it should not only look good on the desktop device but also it should be mobile friendly.

Having a mobile-friendly website is also essential for search engines. You can validate your website using google’s mobile-friendly tool. Make sure your content is mobile condensed so google indexes your page as “mobile first.” If you don’t condense the content and want the search engine to index it, it will not happen. It won’t get indexed, and the content will be missing on google.


Collaboration and connection between SEO professionals and web developers are necessary. Your website SEO depends on the best practices of technical SEO and other things like scaling the on-page SEO items.

When the developers understand the SEO basics, it will go a long way toward successful SEO performance and collaboration. In addition, your website will need less re-work and also SEO-specific updates. As a result, it will make a more efficient website work.

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