What is Site Migration?

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Site Migration

What is Site Migration?


A site migration is a term that is used to define the activities where the website undergoes some changes in the areas which will help with search engine visibility: precisely the website’s location, structure, UX, content, design or platform.

All these things we have to do it by ourselves since google documentation on-page migration does not cover all these things in depth. This will result in a significant loss and decrease your business revenue. This loss can last a few weeks to months, depending on how much the search engine is affected. You never know. And it will take you to get back in the business.

Types of Site Migration

There are many different types of site migration. Now, this depends on the changes you make to your website. Let us see the significant categories of site migration in this article:

Site Move Migration
Site move migration means when the site moves to a different URL:
Site Structure Change: These are the changes we make to site architecture that will have an effect on URL structure and internal linking.

Domain Name Change: Domain name change is needed when you are rebranding your business.

Sub Folder or Sub Domain Change: You need this when the company want to change their ccTLDs to a subfolder or subdomain.

Top Level Domain Name Change: This is necessary when the company decides to launch their international website for global exposure.

Hybrid Migration
Hybrid migration is the method where you can enable migration of on-premises mailboxes to on-site. Now this involves different forms, just like site move migration. Hybrid migration will also help to transfer old mailboxes to new one quickly. However, the complexity is higher when we compare it to other site migrations.

Replatforming Migration
Replatforming migration is the process that involves the transfer of a website moving CMS to another platform. In this migration, you are making changes in many areas which also cause changes in the website URL structure and website design.

Site Migration Issues

We all know every site migration is different, but in few mutual themes can cause significant issues to your website. So let us see what they are:

Lack of Planning:

Planning things before moving ahead will help you a long way. It will help you save time and cope easily with the issues that can arrive in future. But, see, not everything goes according to what we have planned. So, show flexibility with your plan and accept that there can be delays in the work.

Avoid planning and launching your website at the season’s peak because this mistake is hard to rectify due to lack of time.

Poor Strategy in Site Migration:

If you build your website on unrealistic and doubtful strategies, you will have less business success. Due to this, your site migration is condemned to fail even before you launch your new site.

It would help if you built the strategies with measurable objectives so that it shows a positive impact on your site launch. For example, the site migration’s primary goal is to retain the site’s traffic and generate more revenue.

Another thing you should remember is that your other goal should be to forecast growth. So you can avoid unrealistic expectations.

Slow or No Response to Bug Fixing:

Once you launch your website, there will always be a bug to fix. However, some of the bugs in your website need more attention and immediate. Suppose, for example, you have launched a new website and discovered that search engine spiders are causing problems in crawling and indexing.

Now the site content will need an immediate fix. And if you don’t respond to this quickly, it will take longer to recover from that problem.

Poor Resources:

You are committing to the site migration project. Before doing this, you need to estimate the time and effort to make it successful. So to avoid the issues of insufficient resources, try to have 20% extra resources in hand initially.

These additional resources will help you in future that will come hand when any problem arises without jeopardising your website success. If you have fewer resources initially, then it can cause issues later.

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