Speed Page Insight

Speed Page Insight

Speed Page Insight


Speed page insight will report the performance of a page on both mobile and desktop devices and can provide how the page can improve if there are some issues. In addition, it will give information on both lab and field data.

It is also known as the Webpage Test or Website speed test, a preferred tool for running speed tests. It enhances website performance. The data visualization, snapshots, tagging and filtering in google speed page insight will help the website to rank highest on google and boost user’s experience.

Lab data will help you debug performance issues, and field data will help you capture real-world user experience. These are the two data you will find in speed page insight.

100/100 Scoring in Speed Page Insight

Everybody knows that all developers and site owners are obsessed with achieving speed page insights scores. But it is not necessary to focus on it. Instead, what is more important is your focus on your website performance and loading time.

Some websites have excellent loading time though the page insight is not 100/100. Some other websites take a much longer time to load. So it would be great if you focused on page insight, too but first, look that your page loads fast.

The primary reason to use speed page insight is to look for issues your website has, resolve them, and increase the speed of the page.

Here are some points to consider to improve your website performance:

  • Never forget to enable cache on your website. It will help to load your web page faster anytime a user visits your website.
  • Redirects can decrease the website’s performance. Try to avoid them.
  • Optimize the size of the image you are using on your page. Try to keep a particular height and width. You can use a content delivery network.
  • Go for website themes with faster performance time which is lightweight. You can use GZIP for speedy design. It will help to improve page speed. Google also recommend keeping the website under 500kb

How to Use Google Speed Page Insight?

Open the Speed page insight link and paste your website URL into the insight. Click on analyze. It will explore your website. It uses both data to improve the performance of your page, as we have mentioned earlier, Field data and lab data.

The performance report will be generated for you once it is loaded. It will show a score between 0 to 100. You will see issues hindering your page’s performance and decreasing the google ranking time. Eliminate them. Voila! Your page performance will be improved.

Test Report of Speed Page Insight

The best part about page insight is that it shows your page performance, issues or errors in a different colour. So it will make it easy to look for areas of the website that are performing well, the other regions that need improvements, and where the website is underperforming.

It uses three colours to indicate the performance of the website:

  • Red Colour means there is poor performance.
  • Yellow means the website needs improvements.
  • Green Colour means it is performing exceptionally well.

Test Metrics – Ranking and Insights

The speed page is an official google ranking tool because it is a tool that will your page with the issues and resolve them. Therefore, it is a prominent metric for performance. Furthermore, it is a tool to help users find issues whose scores are based on the part of the google ranking algorithm.

It indicates if your page meets the google performance and speed standard or has any issues. The higher the score of the performance, the better the ranking of the page. Page insight is critical to look for the speed of the page. Other SEO strategies will also not work for your page if this does not work.


In this article, we have mentioned what exactly speed page insight is. What it does and how you can use it. Google page insight is the easiest way to improve your page performance and resolve all the issues hindering the page’s speed. You can use it both on mobile and other desktop devices. It will quick loading time of your page. That will not only increase ranking but also improve user experience.

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