Ten Blue Links

Ten Blue Links

Ten Blue Links


Ten blue links do not exist anymore. They are dead. It was declared a few years back. So now you may be thinking about what blue-link are. Blue-link are organic results instead of paid fundamentals on the SERP (Search engine results page).

So the production of non-blue links in the search results leads to decreased number of blue links. Search engine users will understand this. Now, Google is looking to add more search engine elements to the list.

Why Ten Blue Links Disappeared?

We will discuss why they disappeared until you consider the ten blue links. This could have many reasons why the ten blue links disappeared from the SERP.
The blue link disappeared with the increase in the number of non-blue links. So now the search results show more non-blue link.

The increase in the number of organic links appearing in the search results eventually leads to the disappearance of blue link. A list of blue links considered to most closely match the search query and also the information you want to access.

What do Ten Blue Links Refer to?

The ten blue links are the expression in the world of SEO. It is the traditional form of presenting search engines. When you entered the search query on the search engine of choice, it used to be something. Every time users search for something, and the result comes back with ten blue link suggestions.

Now you might wonder how this works since google search results are vast and why these traditional results appear. The answer to this is that for years google has kept the format consistent that has been shown in search results.

As for now, the ten blue links have become the expressions for the google that you read on SEO-related content.

Testing for Ten Blue Links

Bing also said last year that the ten blue-links were dead. So it is fair to think about the extent to which SERPs have abandoned their blue link focus.

In thinking more about what is meant by ten blue links, we understood we could measure the extent of disappearing blue link phenomena in the SERP in two ways:

Presence of Non-Blue Links: The extent to which non-blue link appear in the search results. This view will tell us how frequently non-blue link elements now appear around the links.

Distribution of Organic Links: A distribution of organic links that appear in the search result pages. This will help you understand the frequency of ten blue-link appearing.

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