Article Outline

Article Outline

Article Outline

An article outline is a structure or framework that outlines the important points, information, and ideas. It would help if you did this before you write a complete article. This step is crucial for writers because it gives them a picture, helps them organize their thoughts, and helps them cover all the essential areas. You can use a notebook to create an article outline better.

When you create an article outline before officially writing an article, then it will save you time and improve your overall essay. You will stay on-topic, prevent missing essential points or writing them more than once, and helps you write a perfect, understandable, and logical article. Depending on the topic, the outline can be primary or more complex.

How to Write Article Outline in 5 Steps?

Breaking down the article outline in steps can be more convenient and easy to understand the topic and write it precisely:

Select the Topic:

  • First, you must decide the topic on which you will write the article.
  • Be clear about the purpose of the article. What do you want clients to get the information about, details, pros and cons? More such things depend on the topic.

Recognize the Main and Sub Topics:

  • Brainstorm all the essential points into main and sub-topics.
  • Once you have decided on the main points, you start working on sub-points that support the main points.

Arrange the Points:

  • Arrange them in order once you have decided on the main points. Decide all the matters that go from introduction to conclusion.
  • Then arrange the sub-points under the main points, considering what goes under them.

Provide Heading to Your Outline

You can use a consistent format for labeling the different levels of your outline. For example:
I. Introduction
A. Background/Context
B. Thesis Statement
II. Main Body
A. Main Point 1
B. Main Point 2
III. Conclusion
A. Restate Theory
B. Summary
C. Final Opinions

Review and Polish

  • Please review your article outline twice or thrice to ensure the structure makes sense and flows smoothly. There should not be cleavage between the points.
  • Make the changes to improve your overall article outline.

What are the Benefits of Article Outline?

  • The first and most important benefit is it helps you correctly organize your thoughts and points. It provides a clear road map to the topic.
  • I think outlining the article will help clarify your thoughts and put everything in one place in a more understandable way.
  • The article outline ensures that the article flows logically. Each point should transition from one to another smoothly, and this will ensure that the reader is focused and interested.
  • Before you officially start writing, the article outline will help you recognize the gaps and errors so that you remove them. This will also help you determine if you have yet to include any crucial points or write something more than once.
  • An outline makes it easier to review and revise your work. You can evaluate whether each point aligns with your thesis and whether the overall structure is adequate.
  • An outline helps you maintain consistency in your writing style and the level of detail you provide for each point.
  • While outlining might seem like an extra step, it often saves time in the long run. You write more efficiently when you have a clear plan to follow.
  • An organized, well-structured article is more likely to be perceived as professionally written and trustworthy.
  • An outline is a flexible tool. If you discover new information or insights while writing, you can adjust your strategy to incorporate these changes while keeping the overall structure intact.
  • A well-structured article is more engaging for readers. They can easily follow your argument, making them more likely to stay engaged until the end.


Remember, your outline doesn’t need to be overly detailed; it’s a guide to help you organize your thoughts and maintain a logical flow in your writing. You can use short phrases, keywords, or bullet points to represent main points and subpoints. As you begin writing your article, you can refer to your outline to ensure you cover all the essential elements and stay on track with your intended structure and message.

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