Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building


Broken link building is one of the critical strategies of link building. It takes advantage of broken links. The process involves finding a dead page and asking linkers to swap the link to a working page. According to Aira’s Link building reports, it is the most used strategy globally; it crowdsources views from around 250 digital marketing professionals.

Obviously, the above data is not 100% correct, but no wrong with learning about broken link building strategies. In this article, we will teach you how you can get backlinks from broken link building strategies. So let us not waste time and quickly get into it.

What are Broken Links?

A broken link is a link on a website that no longer leads to a page meant to be there. Next, you will see the 404 Error, which means the page is not found. There are tons of reasons for broken links. First, the website can link the content to the wrong URL. Or the page has been removed from the URL.

And the significant side effect of broken links is that they deter the users’ experience from your website. So now let us see how we can positively use these broken links.

How to Find Accurate Broken Links for Broken Link Building?

It is not too hard to find a broken link. It is the reason why people sell broken link building due to its scalability. There are different ways to look for broken links. One of them is you need to start checking the backlinks on other websites and competitors in your niche.

For this, you can use a Hubspot tool to help you find broken backlinks. And another tool called Ahref will give you the information on which pages are currently linked to these broken links. So now, as we have seen how to find these broken links, let us move to the next step.

Converting Broken Links into Useful Links – Broken Link Building Process

So we all know by now that finding broken links is easy. The tools are mentioned above. We will see some more tools:

  • Moz Link Explorer
  • Screaming Frog

The next step for broken link building is asking the webmaster to replace the broken link with one for your website. Outreach is hard no matter what broken link building strategy you use. However, a healthy work relationship is built when you help a web admin find broken links and fix them.

When you help them, they will help you out and add your link. But, unfortunately, link builders sometimes send emails and take scalability too far. Well, this is not a bad thing. But even email has the advantage of using the template and speeding up the outreach process.

The only issue is that the web admins are always busy and receive tons of these kinds of emails, prevalent ones. And if they know this email strategy, they know how to play this game. Hard for you to win. So let us help you with this email strategy:

  1. Reach out to the main Web admin. Don’t contact the middle person. Make sure you do the proper research about them before reaching out to them.
  2. The next step is your focus on building a rapport with them. Don’t ask immediately about the link. Very unprofessional. Instead, talk about yourself, appreciate their work and talk about their website. Maybe you will earn a link from them if you impress them. Also, please find out about their social media handles.
  3. But apart from everything, make your email short and simple. No one likes reading long emails. So keep it quick yet excellent. Not only will you get broken link building, but you are also providing web admins with a reason to work with you.

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