How to Earn Backlinks?

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How to Earn Backlinks?

How to Earn Backlinks?


Earn backlinks – Backlinks are considered one of the essential elements of Google search. So the link from another authorized website is not just a link. It is a poll of confidence and trustworthiness. It means the publishers are informing their readers that here is the page you can trust. Getting this kind of trust can be difficult for startups or small businesses.

But if you want to improve your SEO performance, you need to earn high-quality backlinks to your website. At least faster than your competitors, or else nothing will be left in the basket for you. Backlinks are also a sign that tells people that both websites support each other. Now earning high-quality backlinks for your website can be a challenge.

To check the quality of the backlink, you can look for these things:

  • The website you are linking to should be authoritative.
  • The web pages you are linking should be relevant to each other. It means the niche or topic should be similar.
  • The link should not be sponsored or spammy. You should earn the link, not buy it.

As we have seen how to look for a good quality link, let us know how you can earn them. Below are a few steps that can help you achieve good-quality backlinks.

Get Contextual Links

Have you ever used or noticed a few articles feature additional resources like in the “Read More” or a text section? These links entrenched in the text are called contextual links. Finding the proper link prospect to reach out to them is the key to getting contextual links.

It is simple to see once you start getting backlinks, other publishers will come running to you since you are growing your community. This is how you build a good relationship strategy, so they come to you instead then you going to them.

And when we talk about google, it won’t understand the concept of backlink for the backlink. It should be based on relevant keywords. It would help if you focused on the website’s credibility and put in genuine efforts.

Retrieve Unlinked Mentions

Retrieving the unlinked brands’ mentions can probably be the quick and easy way to build high-quality backlinks. All you have to do is look out for people mentioning your brand on blogs or news. To do this, you can use the tool called Google Alerts.

Sometimes people don’t include a link back to your website when they mention your service, product or brand on their website. You can contact them and tell them to say a proper link attribute. So this is helping you both. This will allow publishers to give readers a great experience.

The best part about this is you use the same procedure to retrieve links for other mentions of your brand, including organizing events, your employee name or research report, and more.

We would love to mention that people who mentioned your brand are already in their inboxes. So you need a polite and friendly email for link building strategy. You just need to reach out to them and ask them polity to include your backlink. So it is a win-win.

Build Free Tools to Earn Backlinks

It sounds tricky but let us explain you. First, creating free tools on your website, like, for example, a template generator, helps you earn links and also enables you to generate more leads. Here are simple steps that can help you:

  • Look for relevant keywords. Suppose you are building a template generator tool, then look for words related to templates.
  • Check the keywords online that are in the top ten list.
  • Research to find out which tools receive more backlinks.
  • You can build something similar to it but better.

Use Images to Earn Backlinks

Images are the most appropriate visual asset to earn backlinks. It is time to experiment with it if you have not done it before. If you don’t feel right about infographics, here are a few ways that can help you with it that you can consider using:

  • Diagrams that will visually explain your information to users.
  • Free photos are available online.
  • Graphs and charts with accurate data.
  • Page templates.

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