What is Core Web Vital?

Core Web Vital

What is Core Web Vital?


Core web vital is the initiative by google to provide combined guidance for quality signals necessary to get a great experience on the web for the user. For many years Google has been providing many tools and updates to measure and improve performance on google. Some developers can easily tackle these tools, but doing so will take time and energy.

The site owners don’t need to break their heads to understand the quality of experience they are providing to their users. Here core web vital comes into the game. This vital web initiative aims to simplify the landscape and help your website to focus on the metrics that matter most, the core web vital.

Core Web Vital Metrics

Core web vital is the subsection of the web vitals you can apply on all web pages. All web owners should measure it, and it will be surfaced across all google tools. So now, each core web vital represents a diverse user experience. It is measurable and imitates the real-world experience of a critical user-centric outcome.

These metrics that make up core web vitals will change over time. Now the present set focuses on three aspects of the user experience.

  • Interactivity
  • Loading
  • Visual Stability

And these include the following metrics and also their threshold:

First Input Delay (FID): This metric measures interactivity. To provide users with a great user experience, the page should maintain 100 milliseconds or even less.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): This metric measures the page’s loading time. LCP should be 2.5 seconds to give users a great experience on the page when it starts loading.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): It measures visual stability. CLS should be 0.1 or less to provide a great user experience.

Ensure you are hitting the recommended target for the above metrics for the users’ threshold to measure is the 75 percentile of page loads segmented across mobile and desktop devices.

Different Tools to Measure and Report Core Web Vitals

Google trusts that the core web vital is crucial to all web experiences, so it is dedicated to surfacing these metrics in all its popular tools. Let us see in detail which tools support core web vitals.

Lab Tools to Measure Core Web Vitals

Many metrics that are first and foremost can be measured with lab tools. This is one of the best ways to measure the performance of features during development before you release them to users. It is also the best way to catch performance reversion before they happen. So in lab tools, you will have ChromeDev tools and Lighthouse.

Now we have come to know that lab tools are a great way to measure performance. However, it is not a substitute for field measurement. In addition, we should never forget that the site’s performance varies based on users’ devices and network conditions.

Apart from this, the other reasons can be multiple pages on their device and their interaction with the page. As a result, only the field measurement can be captured accurately. In addition, user interaction can interfere with other core web vital metrics.

Field Tools

The collection of anonymized, accurate user experience measurement data for each core web vital is done by the Chrome User Experience Report. This collected data enables website owners to access their performance easily without manually requiring instrument analytics on their page and other power tools like PageSpeed Insights and search console.

The chrome user experience provides data that can quickly access the performance of your sites. Still, the issue is it does not provide detailed and every page information, which is often necessary to monitor the overall performance.

How to Fix Core Web Vitals

As we have understood what core web vitals are, let us now see how we can fix it if it has some issues and improve these metrics and, most importantly, your engagement with the audience. Each site is different and unique.

It is a rare scenario where two separate sites occur with precisely the same issue. So it is essential to dig into and analyze your domains individually to prioritize the most beneficial update.

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