De-index or De-indexing – What is it and Why is it Important?

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de-index and de-indexing

De-index or De-indexing – What is it and Why is it Important?

What is Google De-indexing?

Google de-indexing is, by definition, the removal of an indexed url, present in search results.

A de-indexed URL is spoken of when the request (de-indexing) is accepted, and the content is removed from the Google index.

Furthermore, in these cases, the content ends up in the so-called Deep Web: it exists but is no longer present in the search and can only be reached by those who already know that address.

What is the Difference Between Deletion and Deindexing?

There is talk of deletion when a page is deleted, and those who try to visit it receive a 404 response.

There is talk of deindexing when a page is removed from search results, but it still exists and can only be visited by those who know the address.

Why is it important to know this procedure?

Today, search engines are the most widely used and extensive source of information.

However, it should be noted that the network is not packed with knowledge and infotainment.

More and more, we come across incorrect or false news (so-called fake news) or with comments that can damage your online reputation.

For this reason, Google provides the process of de-indexing Google URLs or deleting information or a web page that contains online defamation.

How to De-index URL Google?

The solutions you have to de-index a URL from Google are three:

  1. Contact the Webmaster of the site that hosts the web page to be de-indexed.

Advantage : little effort, no expense.

Disadvantage: success does not depend on you, and in the vast majority of cases it will be negative.

  1. Contact Google

Advantage: medium effort, no expense

Disadvantage: filling out the forms is not a simple process, response times are very long, and you are not sure that your application will be accepted.

  1. Contact ReputationUP: in some cases, contacting a team of professionals is the easiest, fastest and safest solution.

Advantage: effortless, immediate and guaranteed result;

Disadvantage: it is not free, but the costs depend on the number of links you want to remove.

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How to make a Google deindex request?

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, to remove any information from Google search results, you need to directly contact the search engine help center directly on the page.

An automated process will ask you for all the information necessary to proceed with the removal of the URL selected by the user in the search list.

In addition to logging in from your Google account, personal information such as your first name, last name, and web address of the page to be reported will be requested .

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