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Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Google Chrome Extensions for SEO


Google Chrome extensions for SEO are essential to rank on Google. And it is more important to select the right extension for your website. Since it can help you research and analyze, that will lead to a more effective SEO strategy. Nowadays, there are tons of extensions available in the market. So marketers look for great Google Chrome extensions to help them with SEO. So they spend time looking instead of doing the analysis.

In this blog, we will talk about some of the great Google Chrome extensions that can help you rank better on Google. So don’t get caught up in confusion with these many extensions.

Google Trends

This extension is free. It is the portion of Google Webmaster tools, a set of extension software for building websites and mixing them with Google. Google trends present data in the form of a graph of the top searches in Google across several countries. Google trends can help you understand the level of curiosity in topics related to your niche.

Whatever your niche or whatever is going on in trending. Google trends keep you on top of the evolving SEO landscape to help you stay apart from the crowd. So don’t think anymore. Just go and get this extension right now for your website.

Sitechecker – Google Chrome Extensions

Sitechecker is a free extension. It is an extension that will help you analyze your website performance. You will get a detailed SEO audit report and a checklist with actionable tasks to improve your website performance.

With this chrome extension, you will get benefits like Google Page Speed score, Content Optimization, Targeting words, Images, Search Optimization, social cards and more. It also helps you identify technical SEO issues of any page in just one click. Once you fix your technical issues, it will improve your rankings and get more sales and revenue.

GrowthBar – Google Chrome Extensions

It is a paid google chrome extension. The first five days are for a free trial; you must pay 29$ per month to use the extension. It provides instant access to SEO data points about your website, provides you with keywords, and unlocks the growth channels.

In addition, it helps you find out about best-performing keywords, domain authority, difficulty score, Facebook ads, page word count, backlink data and more. The best part is it is quick and easy to use and still provides excellent benefits. GrowthBar quickly discovers vital data and then acts on it to boost your website’s SEO on demand.

Serpstat – Google Chrome Extensions

With the help of Serpstat, you can instantly check your SEO and your competitors. Once you click on the in-browser icon, you will receive the complete data of the domain. In addition, the tool helps you with Domain Analysis, Page Analysis, and On-Page SEO Parameters.

You will get a brief report of your website and competitors’ website so you can compare easily with just a few clicks using this extension, so you know what you need to change and how you have stacked up!


Moz has a premium subscription, so you will have one month of free trial. Then the subscription plan will be 99$ per month. It allows users to check their website SEO with only one click. Moz provides metrics when you view any web page, and also it has an option where you can download the data in the form of a CRV file and quickly analyze it.

When you upgrade your Moz to premium, you will get benefits like Page optimization, SERP metrics, keyword difficulty analysis, and more. It is a time saver helping you with quick access in just one click, which is suitable for stressed SEO professionals

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