What is Google Index?

Google Index

What is Google Index?

Google Index is a collection of data on all website pages that search engine has crawled and indexed in search results. So every page you see on Google search results has been first indexed on the search engine. So if you don’t index your page, it won’t appear in search results. Moreover, if you don’t know how to do that, let us keep reading the article to learn about Google Index.

And here are the steps you need t follow to index your web pages:

  • Crawling: Google crawls the entire website and looks for new or updated pages.
  • Indexing: Google analyses all the new pages and stores them in its data.
  • Rank Position: Once all the pages are analyzed, Google ranks pages according to their relevancy and information and ranks the best ones on the top.

And if your page covers all the guidelines that Google has given, it will be indexed and rank at the top. This way, you can influence your page indexing by managing how Googlebot determines your content online.

How to Index Web Pages on Google Search Engine?

It can take a few days or weeks to crawl a website just created. But there are chances you can do it in an easy way and for free. Google Search Console. Let us see how it works. And before that, here is the link to the Google Search Console to index your web pages:


  1. The Google Search Console tool will help you check your website performance, and also, if it has any issues, so can work on that.
  2. Click on the above link and sign in with the Google email account you use for your website.
  3. Then you will see the option “Add Property” There, you need to add your website link.
  4. Verify the ownership.
  5. Now your website is submitted to Google, but you need to verify that your website is authorized. For that, you need to submit sitemaps.
  6. What you need to do is once you enter your website, you will find verify option, then slide down you will see the HTML tag. Copy that and submit it to your website. Once done, come back and click on verify. Then check the search console page.

How to Check if Google Has Indexed Your Page?

It is straightforward to find out if your website is indexed or not on Google with the help of a search operator. Let us see how to do it:

  • Open Google.com.
  • It would help to type your site and your domain name in the search bar. (Example – site: domain.com).
  • And when you search, you will find below the search bar how many pages of your website have been indexed on Google.

Pages that are not Valid for Google Index

  • The content on the page should be unique and different, and no copied or duplicate content should be there. Or your page will not be indexed. You can keep a conical version of similar pages (categories or sets).
  • Google does not index low-quality pages.
  • Manual actions should not be subjected to the page.

It would be best to remember that not all pages are indexed on Google. Some pages are not indexed; the reasons can be technical issues if Google guidelines are violated, and there may be a delay in Google indexing it. However, if you follow search engine practices, like providing high-quality content, links, good title tags, meta description, and getting backlinks from authorized websites. After doing this, you can track the performance of your website on Google Index.


Therefore, is crucial to note that indexing your pages on Google does not guarantee high rankings in search results. Websites should optimize content, ensure good user experience, acquire high-quality backlinks, and follow other search engine optimization (SEO) best practices if you want better visibility and rankings.

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