SEO Clients

SEO Clients

SEO Clients

Getting SEO clients could be a significant task for those who are just starting the agency or even for those who already started their agency. One reason is that gaining visibility could be challenging, which is the starting point many agencies struggle with.

You can start your career with SEO services and earn thousands of dollars, and now you may be thinking about how to do that. Here are our top most helpful strategies that helped our company do business and got us many SEO clients. And that will be helpful for you too.

Content Marketing

I think we all are aware of it. Content marketing is one of the effective strategies to get SEO clients or to provide SEO services. Now we know content marketing is crucial. But many of us lack to crack good content marketing strategies effectively, and it will get us traffic and leads.

It would help if you put a reasonable effort into creating content. The targeted keywords should be trending, and select the one that can get more traffic. It is easy to find out good keywords because of the SEO software that is available online.

Ensure you cover all points before searching the keywords for your website—Niche, location, search engine, CPC, traffic rate, etc. And the leads you get in the beginning won’t turn into your paying SEO clients, and it will take a while.

Decide on a specific Niche

When you select a particular niche, you can focus on it better. Our company is currently working on domain authority. So by, concentrating on one Niche will help any business stand out. So people also know what you are doing and won’t get confused. You can quickly get more SEO clients by working on one Niche. Eventually, when you grow, you can start working on different niches.

Working on Designs for SEO Clients

When someone sees you, the first thing to consider is how the great website looks. Or another thing you can do is partner with designing company.
This way, you can step up your game through partnership. This way, they can suggest your name if they have any SEO clients in their surroundings. And you can also recommend the design company to others. If you want to partner with some design company, you can contact local companies because they will easily partner with your company.

Social Media Presence

No matter what business you are in, you need to have social media platforms for your business. And if you share your content on social media, you will get more SEO clients through it. Firstly you will get more exposure and leads, and then you can start getting clients.

You can use platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to aware people of your business. Once people start viewing, liking, and commenting on your feed, they eventually begin pulling up your content and helping you get more and more SEO Clients. You can also create videos through YouTube.

Creating Packages for SEO Clients

It would help if you were clear about your packages. You can create both monthly and yearly packages, and the first thing people look at is prices. If you create monthly packages, that would be helpful for your SEO clients. This is how you can create packages: Technical SEO, Landing pages, Content creation, and more. Well, these are just examples you can make depending on your company.

Ensure that your packages should not at very high prices. Then people will bounce back at meager prices and think you will provide low-quality services.
Make sure you test all your services before setting up the price. And mention all your costs on the landing page. So people are aware of it. This is an effective strategy to get more SEO clients, yet it is very underrated.


Providing SEO services has become super common these days, and it would help if you started working on yours to make it stand out from others so people will notice you and eventually they become your SEO clients. Indeed, if you follow the above basic steps, you will see a massive difference in your business, and it will grow. It would be best if you kept working. Be consistent, reach out, be active, and you will get paying SEO clients for your business.

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