What are Keywords?

What are Keywords?

What are Keywords?


keywords are the term or a word used in digital marketing to describe a page or content to search in the search bar or search engine on google.

The keyword is essential for SEO Since it is the base of everything (Website, Page or Content). It would be best if you kept in mind that it is the core of content writing, so be careful in choosing the right keywords for your website.

Keywords will help your page rank up on google if you choose them smartly. So whether it is a single word or a sentence, any term we use in the google search engine is considered a keyword.

Importance of Keywords in Search Engine

Here is the thing about keywords. It is essential for both SEO and PPC. Now, what is PPC? The abbreviation for PPC is Pay Per Click. It is a marketing campaign which helps your business grow. And keywords are vital since users only click on the page if they find it relevant.

And when we talk about SEO, the keyword helps your page to rank at the top. So be careful while choosing the keyword. It plays a critical role in SEO ranking.
And the best, if you have an advertising budget for your website, you can get organic trafficking through PPC.

How to Find Keywords for SEO?

If your keyword is too competitive, it will be hard for you to rank it on google, and if you optimize the keyword, the users won’t find it in the search bar. So what can we do?

Make it a sentence using the focusing keyword. Let us see an example of it.
“Drink Water,” it goes like, ” Why is Drinking water Important?” or ‘Advantages of Drinking Water.”

So what happens here? You don’t get off the track. Instead, you are using the keyword, and it will pop up when someone searches for this keyword. So next time you use a keyword, try this method for better results.

Long sentence keywords have higher chances of ranking on google than short terms with high search volume.

How to Specify which Keyword to Use?

These are some points you can keep in mind before looking for keywords for your page:

Look for search volume in Ahref or SEMrush before choosing keywords. Investing your time and energy in looking for search volume will make a significant difference in search engines and more the chances of clicks. Make sure it makes sense and has prospects for people searching it.

Also, look if it has a lot of competition. Then, it is imperative to pay attention to the competition. For this, you can use the method mentioned earlier for your keyword.
Other things are word count, Price etc. There are different prices for different keywords. Depending on that, the payment will be per click. Try that your keyword should stand out but also people can search for it.

Content Strategy

When using the keywords, there are strategies you should focus on while writing your keyword:

Don’t over-optimize the keyword in your content. Or you should use the correct number of focused keywords in your content, i.e. 2 per cent for total content. For example, for 1000 words, it should repeat 20 times.

Your content should begin with the keyword, and so is your meta description, SEO title, Slug etc. So make sure that your content should be relevant to the keyword. Because once the user clicks on the page, they will read the article.

Related keywords should be organized in the same categories. Create different categories on your page, whatever your business or website is about. Then work accordingly.

Keep these things in mind while you use your keyword in your content. It will help you rank your pages at the top.


The keyword is basically the topic for your content. But to use it, you have specific rules that we have mentioned in this article that will help your website crawl quickly on google. In addition, we have mentioned two tools you can use for searching the keywords for your page.

And also, simple strategies you can use while writing the article, so the page ranks at the top because SEO looks for original, simple, creative work.

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