Recovery from Penguin

Recovery from Penguin

Recovery from Penguin


To get a recovery from penguin penalties, you must first diagnose what kind of penalty you are fined with. Next, you need to go to your webmaster tool and see if you have a notification of any penalty. If not, you can check online what google algorithms may have occurred.

Once you have discovered that you have been penalized with a Penguin penalty, you need to figure out the different steps for recovery from a penguin. The recovery duration can take a few weeks to months or maybe years too. But we got you covered. Here are a few steps to recover from penguin penalties. Let us get started

Make a Note of all your Backlink Profile

Many tools will help you note the backlink profile, for example, Open Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools, SEMrush, Ahref and many more. However, one of the SEO masters has suggested that you get the report from at least three tools for accurate information. It means if any backlinks are left, you can get them too.

Make the spreadsheet from your collected data, so everything is organized. This will help you to monitor all your backlinks properly so you don’t get penalized again. You can make your own excel sheet since many tools have an export option.

Check all your Links Quality – Recovery from Penguin

Maybe there is the unnatural posting of links at the back of your website, which is why you got penalized with the penguin. We are not saying all your links are wrong. It is just that you need to figure out which links are coming from spammy websites. There are many links that Google analyzes as bad are:

  • Links from websites with a low ranking.
  • If links are from blog networks.
  • Inconsistent anchor text usage.
  • If the links are from untrustful or irrelevant sites.
  • Links from non-indexed websites.

So you need to go through your website links to see if all the links are okay or if you need to make changes or remove some of the wrong links. This will help you speed up the method and still won’t let you make any rash decisions. Since there are several factors, you need to look out for to make your decision.

Keep Track of Links You don’t Want Anymore on Your Website

Always keep a leading spreadsheet of all the links (Links you want to remove and the ones you want to keep). The reason behind this is that the link quality keeps changing, so you can’t stick to a particular link all the time, even if it is good in the beginning.

So having a sheet of all your links and doing a link audit now and then is a great idea to ensure you are keeping a clean website. Note down every little detail about the link, such as contact information about the web admin, URL information, and changes you have made to the link. Then, if the manual penalty ever hits you in the future, this list will help you.

Try to Talk or Disavow the Link – Recovery from Penguin

If you find out about any link that is not good for your website, you can first ask the web admin to remove the link from your website. And asking to remove the link is not a bad thing. If they won’t listen to you or respond, the only thing left to do is disavow the link.

You can use the Google disavow link tool to request the link’s removal. Google will help in disavowing links. Once you are done with this, ensure this does not happen again. Always track your links and make sure you follow all the white hat SEO practices.

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