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SEO Project Management

SEO Project Management


SEO project management involves planning and coordinating any SEO-related project (Search engine optimization). This includes content audit, technical audit, on-page optimization, content distribution, keyword research, SEO for video content, link building, and more.

The main goal of SEO project management is to break things down into simple tasks and develop a more structured environment and project milestones. This will help your team know exactly the project’s end goal and how they can reach it.

In addition, you can split the specific Task among your team members to make it easy for everyone and achieve your desired goal. Finally, if you find any issues, you can ask the developer to fix them so you can reach milestones without any compromise.

SEO project management will help you create a structured campaign, which will help the SEO team work more effectively. And also, there is complete visibility between the project, team members and the Client.

How Can You Build Effective Project Management Goals?

It all starts with a tremendous and reachable plan. Then, breaking down all the tasks and work into actionable steps is essential. To make this easy, some of the steps are mentioned below for your easy understanding.

Decide Everything with the Client

Before starting the work, discuss everything with the Client and what they want to accomplish. Clearly outline the goal they want for their project. Ultimately the thing that matter is to satisfy your Client’s needs.

Build an SEO strategy that helps you reach your targets. Always plan out things that are measurable, achievable and easy to tackle tasks. Let us look at this with a few examples:

  1. ‘N’ number of visitors in ‘N’ number of days.
  2. Rank so and so keywords.
  3. Optimize the highest performance.
  4. Build ‘N’ amount of backlinks to the website each month.

Identify the things you Need to Achieve your Goals

Once you have set your goals, you need to look for something that will help you reach those goals. The first essential factor that needs to take care of is how you collaborate and communicate with your Client.

As the SEO project will have many stakeholders. SEO strategist, content manager, tech SEO and outreach manager. All these stakeholders need to collaborate and communicate effectively.

So if you want your project to be successful, you need your stakeholders to have complete detailed information about your plans for the entire project’s duration by communicating effectively and collaborating.

Framework the Task you Need to Achieve in SEO Project Management

Ensure that the Task you are planning for the project is helping you reach the project goal. Keep looking out that every step you or your team members take is taking you closer to your project goal. The small plans include site traffic, boosting brand awareness and increasing sales.

Another example of this is you have rank-specific keywords on google that are improving your Client’s ranking position, so you need to cut down this Task into smaller tasks so it is easy to achieve. This is how you can do it:

  • Complete keyword research
  • Look for competitors
  • Then discover keyword variation
  • Improve internal linking
  • Link acquisition

Review on-page SEO like title tags, meta description and featured images.
Breaking the work into smaller tasks will help you track and manage the updates. And for this, you need team members to whom you can assign the job for every one good at specific work. So the clients see quicker results.

Plan the Budget in Advance

Before starting any project, you must keep in mind; you need to plan any project’s budget in advance. So discuss with your Client about the budget. So depending on the budget size, you will have an idea of the project size and the resources.

Even after planning, there will be somewhat of a change in the investment. So you have to be flexible with your money. Since you always spend more money than you have initially planned.

And when working with clients, you must be more straightforward and transparent and tell them whatever you spend money on. If there is an increase in the amount of money you are spending, inform the Client so you can discuss whether to continue to work or stop.

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