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SEO Visibility Check

SEO Visibility Check


SEO visibility check is the number of clicks a page gets from organic ranking. Suppose, for example, you rank a particular keyword on google, which is searched by hundreds of people, but out of them, only ten users click on it. Then SEO visibility will be 10%.

In this article, we will mention how you can check SEO visibility, calculate it etc. Want to know more about SEO visibility? Keep reading:)

How can you Calculate SEO Visibility?

Many tools are used to calculate SEO visibility. You can find them online. Let us now look at how we can calculate. First, you need to take all the keywords that are ranked.

Then apply the estimated CTR (Click through rates) that is based on each ranking position. What CTR do here is it will weigh all the highly-ranked keywords accurately.

Adding the CTR and then dividing it by the number of keywords you want to track. It gives you a metric range from 0-100%.

If you have search visibility is 0% for your page, then you have no page ranking in the top 50 ranks in the SERP (Search engine results page). And if you have a 100% ranking score, then you own high ranking position. Now, this is impossible to rank 100%. Mostly it is near 50%.

How to Improve SEO Visibility?

Now that we have seen how to calculate SEO visibility, let us see how we can improve SEO visibility. A few ways will help you improve Search visibility:

Improve Search Engine

To improve your search intent, you need to understand the reason behind the search means you need to understand what users are looking for in a given query.

If your website does not align with search intent, then there is no chance google won’t rank your page. This is because Google only ranks those pages that people want to see. If you have no idea why your page is not getting ranked, then use the top-ranked keywords.

Increase the Number of Internal Links

The internal link links one page to another on your website. Therefore, internal links will help you improve the search visibility of the pages you link to.
Like how you do with backlinks with other websites. But the best part about internal links is that they are from your website, so they are in your control.

Add Backlinks to Improve SEO Visibility

Backlinks are the top-ranking factors. It is strongly related to organic traffic. There are a lot of strategies to build links, but the best among them is to start building the existing content in the variation of the “Skyscraper Technique:”

  • Look for a similar page but an inferior page with a lot of backlinks.
  • If someone is linking to inferior pages, ask them to link to your page.

To find these inferior pages, you can look at the top-ranked results for your target keyword and then compare them with your web page. Then look for things like:

  • Irrelevant or outdated information
  • Lacking in comprehensiveness.

Reasons for Dropped SEO Visibility

Now it isn’t easy to know how the search visibility dropped, but here are a few things we can assume and can possibly happen:

  • You shift your website to a new domain, including HTTP to HTTPS.
  • You added or removed keywords from your website.
  • You have changed the search engine or removed it.
  • Change in the google algorithm.

These are the reasons that could happen. You can easily tackle the above issues to improve your search visibility.

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