How to Analyze Competitor Websites?

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How to Analyze Competitor Websites?


Analyze Competitor Websites: Do you need to know how to analyze the competitor of your website? What can you do to find out? Here you will find valuable and practical advice to analyze said competition and know how to manage your online marketing well and succeed. Keep reading, and you will see what to do, as well as tips to improve your page that makes it more viable for the user.

Steps to Analyze Competitor Websites

Five points will help you analyze the competition of your web design. We explain them below:

The user experience: You need to put yourself in the place of the visitor who visits your web page. See yourself as a client or user of the page and see what he gets there if it is to sell, download PDF or obtain news, and analyze the failures that there may be.

Also, check if the content is safe and if there is confidence in what is said on your page. You should also see if it is attractive to the user and if you offer special offers.

The profile of the links: Get to know which domains of links and the types of links that the web content of your competition has. This will give you a lot of valuable information.

Use a content strategy: In this case, it is beneficial for the user to find infographics, informative videos, a FAQ, valuable and specific user guides, applications for any device or current news and even more related to your Web page.

Use social networks: In these times, where social networks are present in almost all aspects of life, especially in business, it is essential to know if your competition is in them and in which ones. This will help you define how well or poorly positioned these web pages are. So you must involve your page in social networks to determine the degree of acceptance it has.

Carry out an On-Site analysis: Check all content directly on your competition’s website to see how the categories and depth of its last page are distributed and which are most important.

Other Ways to Diagnose the Competitor Website?

On the web page of your competitor, observe the following points that are provided to make an observation that allows you to analyze and compare your web page:

Look at the products and services it offers and see how much demand they have. Then, observe their online marketing strategies and how they manage to position themselves for both good and bad and make your deductions about it.

The volume of sales they have is a good reference point that allows you to determine how much influence they have in the market and how you can improve your offer of the products and services available on your website.

The prices these have will be, to a large extent, the determining factor when it comes to seeing how strong they are as a competition for you—considering that their business is the same as yours when the client requests a service or product offered by you and for them.

Other necessary data is regarding the number of employees they have, how they are positioned in the market. And, if possible, see their annual accounts.

As you have seen. Analyzing the competition of your web page is easy, simple and economical. It allows you to do it frequently to improve your offer of products and services or another commercial reason that you have.

Therefore, what are you waiting for your website to have an SEO positioning and stand out from the rest?

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