Spam Score

Spam Score


A spam score is defined as the percentage of sites with similar features that are penalized or banned by google. It is based on machine learning, identifying 27 standard features among a million penalized websites. The score is a percentage depending on how much the website is penalized.

The low spam percentage is from 1-30%

The medium spam percentage is from 31-60%

The high spam percentage is from 61-100%

If your site comes under a high spam percentage, there are possibilities of many issues, or sometimes it is not actually spammy. Maybe there is a lack of relevancy and quality. Just dig deep to know what the problem can be.

How to Use Spam Score?

Your Website Spam Score

Your website doesn’t need to be spammy. If you get a high score, there may be other reasons, for example, low authority metrics or low-quality content.

A low or medium spam score should not be a problem. But if your website has a high spam percentage, then you need to worry. And another thing you need to remember is that this score is based on penalization rather than causation. So the best way to use these website spam scores is to judge the quality of inbound or backlinks, which will help you determine which links are good and needed to remove.

Other Site Spam Score

This does not mean that these sites are spammy. However, suppose the score is high, there is vast potential that ranges from quality of content to low authority metrics. And also, this is based on penalization rather than causation.

So not every time will the solution be to disavow the link or disregard the site. Instead, make sure you check the site’s content and also its relevance in linking back before disregarding it.

Breakdown of Spam Score

Once you enter your site name on the right side, you will see the spam score on the Moz. Another thing you will also see is the breakdown of percentages of linking domains that are connected towards your website. They also fall into the spam score category.

After this, you will see a chart of the inbound links for your site. They all are sorted in the order of descending spam percentage. You can export the data for future reference. Or you can click on the outbound links to investigate more.

How Often Does the Spam Score Get Updated?

Changes in the spam percentage often take time around a year. But this does not mean that there will only change in the website with every update.

The spam percentage changes when the crawler detects the changes that happen with every update, and then they impact through several signals to access a site.

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