Tracking Competitors Ranking

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Tracking Competitors Ranking

Tracking Competitors Ranking


Tracking competitors ranking is to get ideas about what they are doing for their websites that we lack, so that it will help us a little. This article is going to help you how you can get insights into the online competition, how you can get actionable with your website

Find out About your Competitors

You must first identify your competitors when you don’t know who you are competing with. There are different ways to do this. Let’s see how these different ways can help you identify your competitors.

First, you need to identify the competitors related to your niche. Then, you can use the tool called Do competitive research. What it does is it will show all the websites with similar keywords. You will get a list of all your competitors in your niche.

Another way to find out about your competitors is by identifying SERP competitors. How you do this is first look out for the most popular keywords with the highest search volume. You can use the keyword research tool to do this step.

Focus on keywords that are related to your industry, both generic and branded. We mean, apart from being popular, they must be related to your business’s products and services.

Be Aware Of your Competitors’ Keyword Rankings

Just knowing who you are competing with is not enough. You need to monitor and keep an eye on what they are doing and see how they rank at the top with similar keywords as yours. This step will benefit you over your competitor, and you will know if you are wasting any resources you don’t need anymore.

When you add a website to the SE ranking, you can handpick your competitors directly from the list that will be given, or you add them manually if you know about them already. Now track their keyword ranking for the exact keywords you are monitoring for your website.

Now you can see their activities, compare them with your website and make more efforts to improve your website. With the help of this tool, you can also see what ranks the keywords and what the difference is when compared to yours.

It will also help you see what caused the sudden change in the ranking. And also, see if your top-ranked keyword dropped and if the same happened to your competitor.

You can also see in the search results which position you are in and what your competitor is. Of course, since you, it is free to check.

Monitor the Rival Paid Search Campaign – Tracking Competitors Ranking

Ssshh. Don’t tell anyone. The competitive research tool shows you what your competitors are doing in organic search and lets you know about their paid search campaign activities, providing you with all competitors’ advertising capabilities.

With the help of SE ranking and keyword ranking, it will give you traffic, the share of traffic they drive to the site, the number of ads the competitors are running on google, cost per click, search volume and level of ad competition.

Analyze your competitors’ ads to see what kind of ads are profitable for you. We want to mention that this would work for you always, but it is no loss trying them since you are free to analyze ads. You can preview the google ads that include URL, Title and description

Backlinks Backlinks Backlinks – Tracking Competitors Ranking

Are we not hearing this all the time? Please don’t blame us. SEO wants backlinks because search engines will credit websites with enough backlinks.

See if the competitors have high backlink profiles with the help of the backlink checker tool to see if the backlink is the reason for ranking their website better. Since you are not listening to us:(

See where your competitors are getting your backlinks. Since we all know we should get backlinks from the website that has higher authority.

Additional Tips:
Keep an eye on every move of your competitor. Keep notifications on their every update. You will see an option for website changes on the SE tool that will notify you of every update your competitors do on their websites.

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